The Sky Will Fall

The Sky Will Fall

Dreams will Shatter

Atomic Releases
Void black matter

Eusthenia biotic

Let us burst again!


The end, is at hand, but the hand is always with the House,

The house holds the cards, the cards can shuffle, some can will the play,

But can we go along with the song every day, or do we have to relay?


I’m just going to tell you how I feel,

Just another thing that goes beyond and understands how not to steal

Due to the past that the emotional override had come back, just words

Floating eternally, coming back from past lives,

Just a splice

In the thought, a fragment of the dead, words in my head, but is this grieving allowing the one who is coming to go beyond the meaning!


Skyfall, that is where the bombs start, underwater

Does that never set apart,

Volcanic release and worlds collide

Were bombs drop and atomic clocks restart

Take my number, call my name,

I know i’m not insane!


If the sky falls, it will rumble

Earth will tumble

And we will face it all

Like another spirit though



How can we begin to crumble

We have lost our race already

Blow it all up I say,

Face it all together

Change the weather.


The Last Crystal Staff is now here.


Oblivion, take me away, no more!


World ablaze, fire consumes hearts,

Missiles of change and starts

Please, do not take my hand

For i am lost to infinite

Just a soldier who  hymns as it sees

Into the seer of what is cho


Minions, all will say

This is illuminati at work

But the haze above the trees

The void is where all will drown

Suffering all the way down!


Spiral force coming undone

Matrix singularity of the one

Coming back and writing for fun

Come take my hand now we begin and begun


Beugn already since I wrote, but nothing in this poem

Of than spirit’s force, can’t you see, the supernatural staff

Encased in crystal, the diamond crystalline heart of the Tao performance today!


Today is tomorrow, tomorrow is in today,

No matter, no way, eternity stays!

Please cause and go, don’t come back they say

So we can be stable and not be for warned

That the end is coming and I am the thorn

Like a rose that smells great, yet pricks everybody’s fate


Set the world ablaze, watch people drown, take it all down.


Let the song deep feel you now, can you understand this world

Is nothing

The runs of rays only illuminate the path of who stop seeking, a black soul

Turns the hun and po and fires alive in skin

Boils and tempers gorge the eyes out

But no the run of the things still mate

Can we see that even though we have come to be

We are still essentially mimicking

All the past patterns following

Not our own, but suffering!


Samsara does lead to moksha, but what is consciousness,

Levels behind enlightenment!


Going to the edge of time now coming back

What a fine line, event goldilock, were

The boundaries are black pathways to nether gates

Can’t you state, that fate instills

That path i walk now

I see the mirrors of beings

Like dead oblivion reaching to me

And the vulture reaches from the eagles dome

Lets us take you home

But everything one has seen

Even this state

Is beyond the edge

Standing like a rain into the ocean

I just drop and end


Shore, of life

Life of the sands

Dust in command

God’s linear plan

Surround the core

I am nothing

Adore you

In the frame of beloved

Can’t you understand

We are slowing fading!


Cyanide some grave

Some crave pulsing through veins

My eyes see all in mystic power

Long after, this is it!


The finally, the deadend

Turn around,

Read the poem

Begin and begun again!



About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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