Across the Universe I run

Across the universe I run into the Sun

Flying passed, enter once, we are among,

The Sapphire Jewels, Three Strong Wonders,

Naturally, it communes thunderbolt supernovas!


O thyne will grace one’s own Being,

Being Self; completely flying wings,

Upon Pegasus, Twenty Four Crowns

Are to Be Reality; Charioteering!


Many silver Rivers, translucent luminous thought

Passed from lineage, Master, Mentor, all sought,

Arise! Let the dead walk himself!
Anvil! Forge! The blade is the mouth!

Alit the Towers! The watch Fires Burn!
Khan is here, The Dynasty Will Return!


Into the White Yellow Light, sacrificing will

Beyond rapture, consciousness, all stilled…

This leads to wander amongst the Hills

How does the Mountain Walk so Filled?


As loosely grounds holds are will abaite

So such is the death of all; everyone’s fate


Set loosely, the Fig didn’t talk, it held

Wine to drink and cover, allowing shade to meld

This is Buddha’s secret at last! The Fig Tree

Gave a shadow recognition to all that was ME!


Left behind thus did I, and walked among the grass,

It felt like a tantalizing realm, full of wisps and spirits

Esprit to say, that was telepathically coherent!

Sedata, Siddhartha, awaken the temperate!


The Change, a Flux in the Flower

A feeling of love intermixed with Power!


Heaven, is but the Six realms! Seventh Limit!
Let us now dive deep into what is greater than madness!

For here is a tale beyond melancholy and sadness!

For arranged was time for their inference!


Walk with into the Sun, the living presence warms Light

First, you walk through the Halls, Four Kings Blight

Were the Guardians hold forte, sleeping dark nights,

Just allowing you to see the steps that lead upright!


The layers upon the realms that sphere

Every presence is rare and dear!


What is the Vajra, and move towards Indra,

Letting the Thunderbolt withstands all given!

Lightning blasts and supernovas configured!

The Oak can hold tall to all the deliver!


Yet above beyond the Oak and Blasts

Is Sumeru that persists and collects,

The souls that have resided in the Three;

A realm caught on top of a Mountain; you see?


That was resorting to the Meta poem arch-type

Over and above than below again; MSG-slam!


What is next but the mana to see Yama?

Soma lead me to deliverance upon this realm,

As Yama was the realm of Soma; struggle free

Just bliss nectar ambrosia that mystics delightfully


Take in with glee, as no struggle for wine,

It eternally shines and water graced divine!

Forward from the dead did this man’s combine!

From backwards above in forward aligned!


Now the realm Four, should we open that door?

Or close it as everything is still on the floor?


The joy of a realm based on heavenly courses

Would install the relationship consummate forces,

That delve deep into the passion of all beings,

That lust is pure, and that nothing demeans!


So this to that, the realm this is Fourth

We love to sing upon this realm of course,

For everyone wants this desire to become One,

As above below it is allowance consumption!


Above this physical, the realm of pure love

Capture by Callisto, the moment’s of Dove!


What is higher than pleasure of all kinds?
Delight in fantasy that makes it all divine!

Worthwhile in every fashion, you dive into realms

That even the pressure couldn’t understand hell!


So it was fancy this, fancy that,

Always wear a attractive sexual mask,

Hide behind this place that everyone seeks,

For behind it all, this is seduction selecting!


So select the elect of your own time and command

For one last realm is beyond man!


What is the greatest power to wish?

Sidda, the control over other’s fantasies gist!

Like a wish that you can control the fist

ANd slam it down upon them with emanations quick!


Then with fantasy here, seduction their,

They can’t work well with anything fair,

You see, the highest Heaven, is the lowest Hell,

For ultimate Power, is what the Highest/Low foretell!


So think upon this, know that lower is high

First is last, so think where you want to die!



About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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