Anger beyond

Make someone else feel like a fake?

Mistake one, you are a False Prophet scum!

Like the gum on the bottom of my shoe!

You are already chewed up residue!

Pass it on, the next woman down the line

You think this soul mate will see your insolent design,

Play with them, entice them with words,

Buy them presents and fashion their hair in curls.


Yet this car you ride to destiny beyond,

Is harnessed now in the power of this song!

You don’t even have a house, you don’t have anything

You are a low life scum just wandering!

Your like, trailer trash cracka wannabe sleaze,

O great, you want me to show your Playboy disguise?


One girl, the next, two girl, flex, the next intense…

You are mad, you are grown upset from depression lad,

There is nowhere to go, it is already here!

Don’t have to step outside to see how stupid and fake is your hair.


I’m just singing verses to help your low life get by

Because hey look, my son is like an disgusting pass bye,

You don’t support me, so fuck you Dad, Douglas, You are pathetic.

Heretic with all the sleaze and grime that everyone can see.


When she catches you cheating, don’t be like, O i’m sorry,

I still stay up to date with my old play girls, o wait, you dick

Got posted online, cause your whore ass deadline,

Didn’t take the trash out, she kept it and then snored aloud.


You got your side bitch kissing your ass, you ain’t nothing,

You don’t even got a flat! Get up your own grown ass!

Ride this wave, anger on the fire, you gonna see this!

I’m a no life, your a low life, get used to it!


I will represent were insolent petty try to get online,

Get outside? Well dude, it’s fucking -30 C below.
Also, my website blows yours apart…..

500+ visits in the first 5 days on this years start…

Least i don’t have to pay to get them to my site

Like “ o i fucked up again pay another 10k please”

O shit, my mastercard is maxed with your last fee!

Asleep are you, just dreaming being not used!


What is next? You can’t even quit smoking,

You think i’m the one choking? You down pills

That who knows what the hell is in them filled,

Chew on those all day, you are smoking anyways…


Your teeth are rotten, just like I AM BLAH BLAH

You will have cancer across your skin from cotton,

You will burn your eternal sin never forgotten,

For you are the last now on the realms begotten!


Where you at now dawg? You don’t wanna hear none of this…

Fuck that shit, I remember all this shit…

Where was your ass when I needed Feed?

Where was your ass when I was hungry?

Where was your ass when you used police?

Where was your ass when you called me crazy?


Now I survive, anger online, you know the design,

Run off with the dogs, o wait you fed them already,

Your last girlfriend full, but you still keep them low,

So you can use them again if you are the low life sorrow!


You just want to run through the fields of ambrosia

Sweeten realms of pepsi and energy drinks,

So many things switched to make you “look good”

But in reality, you look like a fucking dingle berry.


Did you know what i’m up to, I got no choice

Singing this free, you didn’t feed me!

No bitches around, only your own lust on shoulders,

For how could that next draft be boulders?


I’ll serve you dog food when you’re older

Call you a mut

Keep just a small amount of water in your cup

You played with fire!

Who is next?


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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