1. Transmission;

I am Reborn




  1. Reality is a Syllogism


  1. The mind is a reciever, recieving frequencies from Source; in which that is computer giving out algorhythms through White Noise…Just an echo

Words are geometric patterns that have formed through imagination; thus than presented through fantasy and turned into fact through the direct experience.

Remember, Silence is a Metaphor for what is similar


  1. Lots of Orbs

Don’t like my thoughts

I can see you, reading

Things from Naught.


  1. Dreams in Realms

Where Plane Spheres

Orbit Around

Friction’s Sound


  1. Walked through a Gate

Hopelessly Late

Rolling dice

With the Fates


7.Beyond Mind

Beyond Love

Beyond Here

Face to Face


  1. Secrets of An

Speech Beyond

Elysiun Flowing

Present Songs


  1. A Cocoon Womb

Depth’s Darkness

Only Little Things

Illuminate unknowns


  1. Soul Spoke

Sage Master


Wake Up


  1. Rock bottom is great

It only opens the portals

Gate, Terra passed,

Blessings on the Fates


  1. The universe is

One song

Pushed by a wave

In evermore


  1. When Shit

Hits the Fan

The Lion

Will Speak


  1. straight from heart, yawning in the new dawn



15.We are on a voyage to eternity

When’st the breeze calmly

Allows the dust to repeatedly

Manifest unto this Reality

Silver notes, harps melody

One for All, before Harmony

Chaos and havoc fade away

As Light is replayed

An apocalypse paved

In the blueprint’s grave

To be alive? More than just reason

Fate? Changes every season

Time? Holds us all like treason

Deliverance? What is a Son?

Just One in Light’s Sun

Words coded in the deepest One



You just have to fall


17.Nature never changes, but is always the root of change. Each Tree is like society, growing deep into the roots of men and reaching skywards to the heavens. It takes a simple solution to notice that one has to cut the roots, as they are part of a past societal structure. To embrace infinity and fly beyond the sky is what must occur; for this is beyond Heaven.

For Remember, Horatio, there are more things in Heaven, than your philosophy stems on Earth.


18., Darkness





  1.  A Sage

Is always in a


With Rage

Yet, is the madness

In or out of us


  1. If I said I was a Master

You wouldn’t believe me

If I told you I was schizophrenic

You would ask a million questions


  1. Never sugarcoat

What you say

The person may…

Have diabetes


22.There is only one thing

That you can rely on

And that is



23.Don’t mess with

A thug

That is

The rub

24.Got my own Pad


Forget the Pen


25.A turtle

Only moves

As fast

as a hare











About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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