The word consecrates its own womb, like a fawn looking at it’s Mother in deepest wound. Leaving nothing behind, but moving forward with the first steps that it has even stepped.
It is new, free, unbounded by the natural order of law and imagination. This is the truest state; a fawn upon a memory.

This delicate frequency, this vibration we call Universe, this holy temple we exist in. It is the passage of vessel to vessel. From state to state. From Siddha to Satori. From communication to Zazen. From the first to the last. All is, in essence, the point that we grasp.

Moving away, from the original point of time, we unleash a more faded essence of who we are. The closer we move, to who we are, the closer we move to the original point of time. Thus, the closer we are to our Attunement, the closer we are to Source.


Source, the beginning fires and waters of existence. The Purusha, a plasma that envelops all that is, this plasma liquid, like a water boiled by fire, is always releasing and receiving, taking, but never asking more than it is.

It is, in essence, a body that we live in. Our dimensional frequency, is a solid-liquid flux. It is permeable to the perception of each individual agent. By attuning, turning in, addressing the Source inside, we can begin to see, our Original Face, the True Nature, Self Identity, not negating who we are, but merging with the whole on a fundamental level.


The whole, is the Cosmos. It is the order that is in order to promote order. It is the realm of patterns, of knowledge, of history, of places and fancies that capture imagination! It is such a fancy, all the delights and treats that can sooth the soul. Yet deepest pain longs for deepest love, and even the fawn upon my memory shows love from above.


We are what we are, there is no beating around the Bush. The fire that burns the Bush of time allows us to see that we are emblems of a sacred seed. This sacred seed, the seed invoked

Into our being, is the presence that commands us to break free.

This pain inside me, is also without me, for without the law of what is inside, who would be able to see what is without? The pain, is in an auric body, but the body is the vastness of the ocean. The liquid flux that creates the substance of our being. This allows us to flow in and out of the state that brings us closer to the Womb.

The Womb is Nature’s Home, it is the Parent of all, It is the condition that frees us, but is the condition that machines us. Mother Nature, we are her product. Accept this now or be left behind. For is not the Harvest but of Vegetables?


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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