moments lost to the fabric of time

moving found involution aligns

Makers, Creators, the coded Abyss assigns

sublime, a forbidden fruit divine

Leaving WIll to motion’s serpentine


angles schizhophrenic Te releases

Angles in the Heart, mind confuses

As Thought moves with Time, it uses

Something, the Act, a Play beyond fuses

an Eternal Fire, Fabric Woven Blazes

our outward design, media outlet ceases


waves clear and still, ocean lights

wakening reform’s contemplation, nothing attraction blight

something fills the Chaos Revealing Star-Light

as Sun’s First solution was One Elemental Temporal Sight

A Deity, moving Father to Son, Four as One; Purusha, White-Light

Rainbow Bridge is all colours in the prison that Writes!





About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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