Tragic Flaw

Tragic flaw of a nobody poet;

Do ya really have to act up?

Is this going from safe to danger?

Stop abrupt, flow switch script up

Know it, strength is survival

Nobody really, light sorrows arrival

Out within the gate, compose it.


Void eclipse! Midnight bright, without stars

Close never seems far, as sound

Is heard without an abyss, -static heard in the cyst!

Independent, black against nothing, boundary bound,

Existence surrounds a drift, Oceanic Tsunami

As the loving snow quenches the Earth’s Thirst…

Appearing nowhere, always here, currents appear


Singing unities codependency, you are the Source

Never complain, get used to suffering, it’s the game

A course, a star plot play! Today beforth

The sleep awake bright as a flash!

Lunar energy dormant in Fire’s when?

Ambrosia a wine far richer than waters kind

Like a chemistry of old twas a spell design


Freedom is free; liberty as experience,

Allow each to judge but nobody as himself

As deep ravines flirt with long breaths

Death among the composure subsisting

Havoc to magick complete

Not as delirious as some may think

Just a peace under thought redundant


We think spirits dwells as within

As Self is Non-no-Self, not-no-being

Keeps lessons through lifetimes serene!

Common beams are friends in Rays

Like bashful anger is twist of thread

Get it, the mountain warms cold snow light

Yet reflection; insight, provokes intelligence


Blight walking, so dawn dusk low

Above beyond spheres and gifts

Angels in arches construct curvature; with it

Allows heavy loads energy to tomorrow

As non there is no energy unfreezing

As heat never reaches absolute zero

It quantumly gets smaller until it Explodes


Thus volcanoes pressure, obsidian

Given, enliven the Crux

Goblet, and Fleece; all subjects

Remain among the courts;

Permission? Third-set-Magician Reports

“Earnest ways to dusk, beyond touch”
Domains unravelled beyond horizon’s system


As the void eclipse, dynamic abyss

Insists, that beyond the veil

More exists, yet here now is the Hungry,’

Future holds, nothing that we know!

Be now as here as without what you know!

Health is an “Universal Right”
Let nobody go with food for the rest of Life


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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