Twas a brush the fern of Everdale

Light samples in words thus prevailed

To lead among the Actor’s Tales


Seen a ghost! A window! A silent thought!

Perchance the realm of “happen-not”!

Or do my words utter topnotch?


Below, so beneath the surface,

Is, what we find, our face,

It is beyond mind; substrates,


Open gates, lunar leys

Pathways, together weigh,

Upon what happens today.


Twas magick blink, or did I think?

Sudden this loss, astral links,

Us to them, ancestors heritage


Upwards, to sky limit breached!

A sphere, without repeat,

Layers revealing from the deep


Deepest wounds Crevice Islands

Underwater teeters liaison

Against fire and water combining,


As cold as this sounds, it is

What brings the World around

To act accord on the ground,


Simple, elegant notes sing

Through the very strings

Of this being; surrendering


To not this nor that, only

Singing from serenity

Collapse around all this me


Light, notes, now hit

Upon, the thing, we call Spirit,

Little bells sound it’s wit


As men, have angels in the Heart,

Affection never does set apart,

Hark, dark mornings warm the start!


Experience, so serious

The code now showing
An a Way to come delirious


Sing with me, dance to the tune

So anew, but with, it comes concluding

Facts, that harbor it all to soon


As each note, a sprinkle of water

The boat sails to lands farther

To shores unknown begun Father


We now take, a journey, through

The vision, of my mind, it is clued

Into a riddle of things, not presently



Start this tale fresh and new

Too soon, then this comes back

And hits with the

Few songs of the one

Who sings, until

It is done, and moves

With the spirit


This chord i have struck

Is with the chorus…Awestruck?

Just a voice within the stardust

Repeating its rhythm os furious

And returns to ethereal combust


Just like the dance I am now caught in

My voice swims with the notes that are

With the instruments that flow

This song grows on me, apparently

It just comes to be that this

So such happens


When it dances, it sings its own tale

Like the triplets before set

Let them see that that was all no voice

But it was my choiceless awareness to

Bring you to see that rhyme is poetry

Allowing the bliss divine ecstasy

To run over the body and watch

Thee see the words that spell it

Out for thee

As in as much as I could say

It will keep on expressing itself this way

To be in the flow of what is coming today

Is why the current star shocks at bay


What lineage is my mind from?

How can I be any one all but One

For all for one and one fall all


This is the motto of  the law of one

For one is all and all is one

So there is always just a sum

That is one, so now we move along

To see that the version develops

Into its song


Like small, elves, along the trees timid,

Shoreless forage, just coming in the winter

It does not fall, but grows even greener

For how can Zen be a product cleaner?


So humorous, what a Masterful Joke

But clearly, it is my own fault, i am still an

Infant who chokes, on all or nothing strokes

Be here in the now, or disengage somehow

The notes, deep within my soul

Never really come out, and now you will show

That deep within the mind, it sorrows

To what was, to is, and is not to come

For the future holds us, tight as a war drum

Machines, walking, with the beat

Of death, in the seat

Tanks, planes, ships

All lost with it

An atom bomb can end

All of this bullshit


So can’t you see, that deep layers

Are deeper understandings, and

Practiced from, a place of understanding

It will come to light


Can’t you see now, I have switched my emotion

To another relation that

Is susceptible to corrosion, yet

This does not mean that, it just moves

My being, so strange I seen that orb

From the word above, since it was accepted

I know it was from love


This is different, like the strings pulling

The tension of my heart in ripped directions

Suspension, over the edge tension

But just apprehension of momentary connection


So see, the heart is, the first beginning word

The starts to see, how eventually

All things perish, but come back curled


As this is the plastic way highway

Can’t we reduce what is in lies anyway?

We are caught in a trap, a prison

Our own house, we dare not even

GO outside, for it is without a TV

How can one see, that chemistry

Is damaging you from it’s UAVs.

This is law, your bring rewires

From the screen you watch

Ever thought about the advertisement much?

It is just a root to the core of

Self annihilation due to propaganda

It is useless, stereotypical profuseness

This is Te, Justice on the loose neck


Here we go again

Back to the

Blueprint at hand


We will sing now songs of dusk

TOmorrow we learn to trust

As light begins off the crust

We go into the darkest vision

Now as a much…


I see the realm, it is in dark mysterious shapes

It has no place for us, other than us  being stardust

It hopes to find it’s way back into

Our own being so we can falter and walk along the shores, never getting into the boat


Tso float, in time, and become divine and let music

Unwind, through time it will shine and align you to the crime

But corruption, a seduction at first, was the truth told from the worst

But it is no in a matter of fact that this still is off track

For seth, who was there after all

What does likely befall

The tree so deep before all

It grow its stem in roots to quell

So can’t you see that in this place of mysteriously guessing

Next to face my own vision inside my own kingdom

Beloved, are there room for a guest, as walking tests mark the quest

But do you see now there is only one way to be

It is


Free of this all, from from the fall

From from one and all

Just art of you and you a part

Of fullness from the start!


So can’t you be other than whole

Or whole other than be

What is your soul

No other can be it

But can you see

That it manifests



What it is, you see that place

Of what has come to be in racing

States of mind slow down rewind

Let the facts come online


Everything one says, is just planned and


To the


Of time

In time


But beneath the swine


The heart of mother nature enjoys our touch

And we feel we are trusting in her to be

What we see and willingly participate randomly

It shows, that this is new

That this is not old

That this is no untold

That this remembering is

Foretold just as amyth

From the past

Lets us see the fleeting hope

That men, Alexander mentioned

Could move the rocks so bright

And distinctly move sight

To beyond what man hoped

A conquest

Just engrossed

Total being eloped into the nation forged through death


Just like now in reality

It has come to me

That i must speak of it

It has forthcome to see this night

That past the memory it was

Not here over well some say

It was not here at all


The time will come, when poverty strikes all

Radiation will leak food into contaminated

And water will be still

Even plastics will restrict

Us from our what is

So get your shit while you can kid

But know, there is hidden ways beneath the cave

Were lakes of undeath save Wizard’s grave

So be in it

Don’t release


To it not that

See how it can come to you to be a flow so subordinately

Closet to your enemy, but farthest from a friend

Never mistaken who you are again

Let this reminder be

Just a lesson from the sea.;…


I hear a single note, just trembling

All that is

All sound and words and thoughts

Every string

From the Source beginning

It was so chosen

To be that this was going to allow itself

To be present within what writes

So have you ever been provoked to sight?

It is like the blight

Is here but no human is

All realms exist under my command

But i am not even anymore man

For devachan has a higher plan

That what is order at bland.


The sea, has to see, whether or not

Weather can plot

Or can it not, be not-naught

Or just distraught? Or loving

All happily mad moments?


This is the game, we are caught in

Paradox is the riddle, it’s named

Since the zen composed itself

Can’t you see i just lost it to myself

And here we go again for another joust


Diamond notes center and silver creations

As gold touches even balance translation

Alchemy is beyond the migration

Of things that fly south to witness segregation


Synergy formed, who knows underneath could be pulling,

Magnetic or not

Something mentally constructed in flocks

That lead them home

Unity as one

Some combat

Others relax

But always one under he sums


So now you see that song has

Developed its own way

It is like an overload of sensation given in

But what can i say, it is me that doesn’t live

It is the expression coming through

Wherever it anons from others, no clue

But it is just a thing that acts upon you

And writes your own words and supernatural

Self fulfilling prophecies of dell

Can come back to haunt you all is well

But what can you say, i am still in hell

From this plane i release and go to the next

All dimensions exist not on the left

For right is what is, and what is is war

So past to the left, and keep peace shored


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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