Light’s Hope Spell – Chapter 1

Light’s Hope Spell

Chapter 1 – The Experience To Be

Many orders ago, where colours were what first started the show. It came to be, that in an array, light burst forth in a particular day. The desert mirage, a shore of Truth, a spell within the mystery, a thought, a single unit, a geometric plane that expanded in spheres beyond; a song in the muse from the Genii West.


Time was cyclic as the Ouroborus invites, into the Wheel, the Circle of Time, the spell unfolding and folding back upon itself as the woven craft behooves itself. The Expression of the Song was expressed, in a simple a chime, a whisper in the darkness, a light that heard it’s own echo. It was to come to be, the Rainbow, the First Dragon, the breath that unfolded the fire’s of time.


From the deep abyss, the river’s flowed from the fires that merged with the nothing of existence. It had to develop itself, Like a Mercury that flowed through the First Thought. Be. To Exist. To be existence. To support every flavour of itself through the eternal lense of perception; driving us forward, yet always pulling us back into the ground. A flat gravity that sphere’s it’s motion around sounds that have no shape and shapes that have no form. A emotion relapse, a hell that is in our own order, our own system, our own show. The movie that plays itself to be in the light show we call the speed of light. It burst forth through the Big Bang, and exploded into the first mirage of truth. The smallest unit known; dust, within the star rays combust! This first shore of time led the Earth to form, after the fire extended and reached inself to involute form and express itself as a story. An Author, an Architect, that forms the shadow and the light that brings forth like an experience; a spell within the mercury. A slave to thought, a slave to the mind’s own ability to produce what has to be shown. The first thought, shown into the first oneness, into the form of what was, the single unit of all units, that word of all words, the silence of all silences, the forms of all forms, the formless and nothing; everything that is and is not and is such to come to be, all things found within the single substance called protoplasm. It expanded, due to the wheel of time, the friction of what was to be, the evolution from involution, the within to without, the heaven as is within the fires that shore upon the realms of hell. The current that brings itself from the First Geni we call Man, that goodness that supports that harmony of our own interwoven subjectiveness. This song, sung through the first unit; the Adam Kadmon, has spelled itself over centuries and has the tongues of time dicate; the law of energy is chaos, disorder and order.


Yet, this is all explained, bit by bit, information through consciousness, the development of feedback within the hologram, a coded system of Orders.

The beginning of beginnings so such begins, that all is connected and all is happening spontaneously as we see.


The circle of life has different spheres and the friction of movement creates boundaries. The first few layers will explain the different realms that exist in the realm of Vicissitude. There are great orders, smalls orders, black orders, and orders that have no shape! Orders are what consist of the Genius of man, each color supports the synthesis of what is around him. It support all that is him, and is all that is him, the colour is the aura of the soul, and each soul is a unit in itself, and expressed itself through it’s own way, to harmonize with all elements as Purusha or be one with it’s own element of be a power of many; each to the power of thyne own to know thyself.


The First Orders were the beginnings of beginnings, they were the colours of the first three Dragons, the force of all that is existence for us. The fantasy, the way, the path, the current, the Source, the Root, The spine, The wings, The Fumes, The Fires, All things that are.

The First Order is Rainbow. It supports all colours, all things that are, all rains that bring a covenant of hope to the light of man. The support that even after changes, the life that is such is nothing to be harboured, for even the greatest Ark can provide hope for man or a place to rest their head in the darkest of storms. The winds can arrive, can flip that page, can turn you to any second of our age, but all that matters, is what the storm will do, will it leave you in a rage or can you make your way through?


The Merge is the Emerald, the Second Order, the existence that came to be, the promise that man could exist off of all things that are in the realms. That every emerald state, a SIddhi that is shown, a magick that is Given, leads them to the realm that sin is forgiveness. But neh, the riddle is this, you already payed you past dues in the life that pre-exists, so be not of new, but not of old, but experience each lessons as the story unfolds.


The Twlight Order is the realm of mystery, the thought that moves through all men, the enigma that codes inself to evolve consciousness out on a open field. The movement of The Twilight realm is to show man the edge of destruction, the doubt of what he thinks he knows he is, to have no support, to have no realms, to have nothing, the infinite silence of the abyss, the deepest crevice of the Hollow, a place that has no sugar; yet why do pandas eat bamboo?


Under the music of all that is, is the Great Death. It led the mystery to see that blackness, the face that has no face, the witness that is oblivion, the darkness of formless shapes that bring forth the realm of unknowingness. It leads to the Undead man, the death in thought, a slave to the dark portals and spheres that shine into the lens of perception. The rays of thought, the mind interjection, or supermind, or overmind, trying to impose chaos on the story, a way through the disorder; the fold upon that land, will all Atoms connect to product each Order called Harmony. For undead men speak of the past, and when each spell is ushered it brings in a new dimension, so each word is a dimension that spells thus, each word is a spell of experience that opens new forms and ideas to the human kind in which each idea should promote the First and Greatest Idea; and that is this; We all are One and One is for All. If one cannot accept oneness now, they live in the vicissitude of vice, the flow that goes against the current, never open to new portals, new opportunities, new visions, new knowledge, the Truth shores upon each man as the individual of times. The dust that starts the singularly beginning, the centre of gravity that first expressed the beginning of time. The unexplained silence that echoes itself and explains itself through spell called words and expression, each energy distinct to each nature.


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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