Amun _ Ra

A Rainbow is a refraction through a prism willed constructs the fabric of space-time. All colours support the Rainbow and is as such. Light is constructed through this blend, if not, your support is dissent. White is purity, Druids and Mother Earth have rudiments and regiments that flow from the Ocean that keep all clean, Water is Pure, It is a current from Source.

If you wish to go to Fire. We are already here. It burns the smoke with the people who “think they know they can”. If you want to start creating a coup over the oligarchy, support a single ideal and stop questionig what could be. Make a vote or poll, dissent is the only voice through silence and there is no accord in harboring what is color and what is not. All is color, darkness is only a shade of light, a quanta of what you can barely see.

Look at the disocrd a previou post made, make fun of a visonary of Ra (who had a post of a Druid who is supposed to see ???¿¿¿
/ | \
who knows what he can be going through, initial awakenings are intense and people such as Druids, need to see that to be, you have to support ALL COLOURS of life; regardless of White, Black, Grey; they are all the same thing, Unity, the Oneness of Existence.

Harmony is the Key, through the interconnectedness of all views, beings, Mother’s Earth gifts, and even the visions that are beyond temporal sights. Who knows what lineage they are opening too?

Water flows thorugh fire, cools it, chop wood, carry water. Water to cool the fires when temperature get to hot, and when the wood needs to be brought forth, burn and dance with the tribal song of time.

The woods speak riddles and all sounds hear when the tree falls, for there is nothing hidden from silence. Even the Sphinx knows all forms solved as Oedepius speaks as the formless for it is the existence between teh spaces of silence. For when the One speaks, do not dismiss that everything is One Colour, for all of Light is Sat-chin-anada, Light, Love, Bliss. Be here now and don’t go back into what is old. As before Ra; speaks Amun.

There is only modes of expressoin, there needs to be safety nets to catch those who need, those who want, and those who don’t have. To peform the highest ideal, support to greatest virture; giving. To share with all, with no pretence is the Highest Law. To live in harmony and give as thou wilt, there is no higher law.

The Great Book has Spoken. Let the Author now resume his form.

About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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