Death’s Embrace

The visions once remembered
Where deep down in the Styx, we are judged
And the Four Judges, the Four Horseman
Decide the fate of men

You can cross the River
For a small fee
Or you can resist
And undead Be

Hallelujah, the praize most high
Exalted in the lowest
Both thrones fighting an existential power
Of whose right it is to control
And who has the Power
Controls the Truth

Fires burn, water splits
The tempus
Into the time of arbitrary remembrance
Where past lives
Collected inside the soul
Speaks through Spirit’s channel
And as our body is the temple
The soul is our home
While the spirit sends what we need
To show us light
And how to avoid greed

Deeper to the core
The refiners ore
A golden alchemical stone
A true blood, the Magus Arcana
Of the Magnus Opus
The Philosopher’s Stone

Heaven within the filament
Of the light’s sparking elements
Deep dead electronics
Spark with the living fire
Can you see? That light lives light
And the simpler
The more quiet the dice
God does not play dice
Nor does he gamble with our life
Strife, petty nuisance of ignobles
Casting lots for who will win
We all lose
Die? Do we not?
Nothing wins against death
So get past that breath
And see how you are stuck
In whichever dimension you interject
Can crystalline the intelligence
And as diamond lightning the sound
The thunder resounds

Keep soft, walk humble
And carry a big stick
For you don’t know
Who you are going to have to hit

You can get beaten to the point
Or the point you can get beaten to
Or you can admit defeat
And surrender to the power’s that never retreat
Just the power in the mirage
Of truth’s actualized hour
For nuclear showers
Always hit the temple, but the tower
Survives the shock
And has a system deprogrammed
And unlocked

Deep in the flags of Tarturus
Saturn, Chronus
The midnight sun
Sits in confinement
The tomb of refinement
Where Hades holds fast
And Zeus uses his blats
Yet who caused lightning to birth?
Was not the first god
Apollonian light that emerged?
First light, than the Father
For without Light, how could we see

As we fall, we can float on light notes
Or we can ferry across the slopes
Where the river of undead
Pulls us down
Into the darkest bottomless pit
Home of Aboddon, the prince of darkness
Yet some enemies are friends
So keep them close
Or you will regret, for sailing on the deck
Keep close to the masts
For the hands of undead pull you back
Into the pit of eternal damnation
Where suffering is never in cessation
And the things you wished
Wished not, and wished to come
Are spelled out in the myriad of death
Death thyne sting haunts
But the ghost only is hungry when it hurts
As deathly realms and shadow moths
Burn on electric sight; the light thought lost

Oh, ah, we can rise to heaven
And see that the gates are closed
For the key is to find who you are to be
And realize that you are
Nothing can take realization farther
Than knowing, quintessence, to be
A thought, a remembering
So spoken thus was
And the world became thus

Light and dark
Both the yin and yang
To develop and see the shadow falls behind
Showing us that facing the light
There is nothing to fear in the midnight
For dark blights are the memories of men
And can also be dreamed again
In the vision
A remembering
A closed ouroboros circulating men
For the wheel wills as the cycle complets
And deep far south, the river doesn’t deplete
But keeps singing its song
For some rise down
And others flow to Elysium

A wine that is always drunk
Vomit and bliss, all found in one
The same river, if you always drink
You will be puking life on the drifting link

Yet what links us to these realms beyond?
Imagination and remembering visions along
To see into the deepest realms
Is what the mystic faces and quells
To see into the slings and arrows
And realizing the quiver was always
Empty of arrows, but hitting the center mark
For when you shoot, shoot into the dark
And focus the light down, and find the core
And this fire, a furnace, restores

Annihilation to death is the sentence
But Source can spring alive in a dimension
And relive all moments of past life directions
For the lesson of past lives
Is to learn the Karma for this
To see into the pattern
And resolve the slit
To see again, and live past the myth
That man as a god, doesn’t exist
Yet Apotheosis, ye are gods
Who walk upon the Earth as Sons of God

So give into the Holy Spirit
Take away the Human Esprit
And see that every moment
Of life is a gift
Even in the darkness
Life still shines, lamps burning elements
And the testament that these things exist
Is shown by the past vision
Without a thought before that it was, or even existed
For all the words I have said
Are visions I have received from past the grave
Don’t take time to question the truth
For doubt creates a revolution of suicidal truths
That spin, recycle, and remain insistent
That man should be locked into a dissonance
Of where the difference of ideologies
Stems from the radical realization of geography
Geocentricity to the lines of ideas
Yet some are heliocentric as the living sums
That are the total of everyone

Darkness rides the well complete
But light in sun from underneath
Can spawn a new life, or, forfeit
The song and than realize defeat
Yet defeat is only death
So what the motion of the living breath
As it swims into the dark crevice ocean
We can see the sunken ships
That tried to prevail over oceanic waves
Yet each wave is the ocean
And as the ocean waves to us in form
It never is the form of what shapes it norm
Only after the storm, is the calm felt
And the chaos is the element of order
In which all redesigns into a new order
From deep south, the realms fissure
And tectonic plates shift and wither
And allow different folds the expand
Or contract into Mother’s giver
As she gives us life, so she takes
And gives us a chance to plead our soul’s stake

Be a Martyr for your own sake
For if you don’t live what you are
You are throwing away the gift that saves
And realizes that the only way
Is to sing praise and song each day
Yet dark corridors of the mind
Are the shadow of our kind
If we can bring light to this area
We can assume essential irregularity
As a singularity redesigns the forming words
We can marvel how the abyss uses the byss to formulate swirls
And come back with a new vision of man

Death harken thyne crow
For the Raven speaks in evermore
And as we all must die
Sing the song that keeps you alive

About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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