Thunderbolt in the sky, Zeus’s lightning externalizes

Hades river running depths, illuminate soul’s intelligence

Hands pulling you down into a bottomless pit

Always falling, plummeting away from all the gossip

No words spoken, ignite the source’s genesis

Visions in memory, holding on to an alchemists key

Fire burning redundantly, ocean waves within the sea

Currents spread in seeds, around the tempus free,

Liberty, a voice of reason, beyond the season

Where borders hold back your limit, keep pushing

To pull, how can you break the ice, when your glacier cold

Heart in the myriad, truth shores foretold

Like a diligence of the plentiful

Harvest seeds sown, blooming in the fold

Were lightning scene and thunder boasts

Yet Venus and Aphrodite, love and wisdom

Showering us in the Ares war like given

That the stop, is let go from morality

A condition of sheep, the mirror; nobility

Apollo’s first light, we are made in God’s sight

Copy of an original, Olympus has fallen to might

Chronos caged as Saturn, a dark Tartarus midnight

Yet the unbreakable knot, unstoppable force

Called love, blackholes in the sun

North is cold, yet heat moves birds together

Just like Troy, were all existence was for Helen

Ancient days of Oracles and warriors play

Hercules mortal, strength in the potential

Of using our right to fight rouble

Yet Hermes quick in thought, mercury he is or not

And Hera resides now forming undead plots

As Titans and gods before, sun, planets and dots

All in all, work in the system thought lost

Yet expression of past times, a reflective state sought

As the olden days, grasshoppers golden age

Were the chosen intellectual database

Showing information, recycled from ground base

As wild as Artemis, the all, Pan’s face

In total, the seeds only sprout your grace

Yet singing in last place, the first meek inherited race

Of past generations, hesitation to heal days

In which even the Coven holds to the lakes

Deep caverns of trolls, goblins; hysteria’s face

Lost to oblivion, a dreamless state

Were the ancients relate, a doorway vision

Of golden fates, midas gold, listen

When the old gods extend the rod, the staff

Puts you in the first from last, cast spells, Elysium

Flip the river given, drunk on wisdom

A deep ambrosia of intelligences elixir

Sought by all mixtures, alchemical potions

To harness fire, chained like Premetheus

An eagles daily diet, bruning all sentences

Inner spark, illuminate the dark

Forward starting fabricating the art

Of dreams forgotten long tiem b egots

And rust withers all but gold

So be in flux, a malleable steel mold

Silent, calm waters, focus, bend the soul

To your own potential, this is law

Coherence on all levels, underwill loves’ clause

About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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