Time Betwixt

Daniel Reurink
New member · 8 mins
Looking at each stone placed deep within the water,

We wonder at life’s questions, why do we even bother,

Do we harm one and another; or keep sacred as Mother,

To purify the land and renew, secret design in the wounds,

Of past reflection of memories that would true cocoons,

Metamorphosizes like a butterfly, photosynthesizing doom,

After life grows and decays, look at the positive not at the gloom,

Be part of the movement, a dream awakening all to soon,

A lucid spell written upon the page we call life, petty strife,

Suffering is deep, but the well deep under the fall is trife,

Upon the beauty of Eden, a naming land that wasn’t confused,

Among Kadam Adam and his named creature’s true,

Than a wife appeared, out of his rib’s dust color’s blue,

The sky sometimes cloudy, sometimes open to residue,

Yet it can also shine bright as the Sun, a liquid sulphur clue,

Salty Mother letting liquid also glow blue, anointing mountain’s few,

Tallest of the dust, who could perform the miracle’s trust,

Move a mountain, but kept it to the word; Sword Excalibur’s ungst,

Diamond, every shape cuts the perfection dust; linear candle rust,

As naming collection’s of the oringal’s dance, action powering crust,

A trance between the shores, right-hand battle between spells such;

A simple seed, all grows from the sprout of life’s need, light touch,

Finessed by a paintbrush; coloring the sky daily, wizard’s lucid will’s must,

To perform the dance with water; sisters and brothers, current pressure,

Insistence on measures below, above reigning sovereignty,
As sharp storms and flowing drains bestowed a flashing light rarity,

Upon the nitrogen, a reaction between sulphur and, nitrous acid viscosity,

And sprouted a land before, before the suggested Eden storyline,

Walked among the species of primates and reptiles before beginnings,

As they came, survived, understood and evolved, so did the finalies,

Of epochs, time in earth’s bomb clock; where something sets it off,

And the system hits a reset on the deepest well epiphany, rough,

Times in cold, harboring the winds as a sword, cutting animals tough,

Walking from cold to heat; order to disorder, that is star light capacity,

To see into past walking times; with Avalon and Dragons from time before,

Dinosaurs that could fly; breathe fire and become one with the Hubb and Wagon,

Spirally telekinesis through the flames ability to flare a solar space-time deity,

Ino a wave hand design behind the flow, open a new window; then see into relativity,

A measurement smell or large, can be calculated, it’s not that hard; certainty,

Of a Wave collapsing into an atom’s life to be seen among the seeds charity,

So many programs to delegate through time’s history, what connectivity,

A download beyond the mirror of things; behind the veil is synchronicity,

An incredible outcome this poetica, a variety through many scenes, end; Au Revoir

About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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