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Tragic Flaw

Tragic flaw of a nobody poet; Do ya really have to act up? Is this going from safe to danger? Stop abrupt, flow switch script up Know it, strength is survival Nobody really, light sorrows arrival Out within the gate, … Continue reading

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Kali death in a breath Kali sword swift motion Kali rebirth; centers rest Inside the locked mysterious   A fade upon the shore A remembrance in before A locked key door Inside to the portals floor   Light fusion fires … Continue reading

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A Voice Beyond Infinity

  ∞ A Voice Beyond Infinity   By   Daniel Jonathan Reurink   ∞   Copyright © 2016 by Daniel Jonathan Reurink @ Scene 1   Thunder in the deeps, rumbling keeps in ancient days. Like old thoughts, mirroring … Continue reading

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gotta b lit

Gotta be lit, gotta be stoned, Gotta haze it to the bone, Movement wise, toke inside, Never gonna die; just get boned To Inertia from the smoke, Take another toke, choke? Or just swallow whole? Take another bowl to the … Continue reading

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Song and Dance

Many whispering ferns grow around the daffodils small amounts of love flying out like doves from the river vice O yes, my kine thy suffusion from torment, torture, buffoons many minds to make while we know what takes us away, … Continue reading

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Song and Dance

The song, the dance, the play, the stance the hope, the stir, the linear blur advances in expansive mantras further to the light cure above pale horses run free Universes abundantly Give you to me I clicking clockwork Key River’s … Continue reading

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Inward Planes

Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000168 EndHTML:0000002624 StartFragment:0000000466 EndFragment:0000002607 Inward planes of colours supported dimensions, transmigrations; soul’s deported in all ways, path-day and emotions lead to Nirvana, One with God’s reported Minerva led pace, Yet many warriors roam along fields, potential yields and sects … Continue reading

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