moments lost to the fabric of time

moving found involution aligns

Makers, Creators, the coded Abyss assigns

sublime, a forbidden fruit divine

Leaving WIll to motion’s serpentine


angles schizhophrenic Te releases

Angles in the Heart, mind confuses

As Thought moves with Time, it uses

Something, the Act, a Play beyond fuses

an Eternal Fire, Fabric Woven Blazes

our outward design, media outlet ceases


waves clear and still, ocean lights

wakening reform’s contemplation, nothing attraction blight

something fills the Chaos Revealing Star-Light

as Sun’s First solution was One Elemental Temporal Sight

A Deity, moving Father to Son, Four as One; Purusha, White-Light

Rainbow Bridge is all colours in the prison that Writes!





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Dark Light

No need to flex, trigger finger at rest

No contest, just illegal consequence

That Represents the Relevance

Of a Caged Life due Testament


You wanna boat? Get through neglect

You wanna smoke? Go find suspects

This life is a toke, experience a joke,

Gunning off like a reject, and you’re stoked


Hit the floor, we just had a 940; baskanos

Hit the door, eyes just opened from before

Metamorphoses beyond the living restored

You’re dead now, no feelings implored


This spell, living from the Gates of Hell

This well, the Styx will pull you under swells

Hades rejoices with the Oneness Foretells

Curvature of Liberty Bell


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+ – – +


Thou Art That

The Unified Theory of Everything consists of a fundamental logo that we are a geometrical form that Sources consciousness from reason and the development of Harmony, Peace, and Balance. This is achieved by a state of Order; -two negatives are always made positive. A state of Order is Whole, Absolute; thus nothingness. When there is no-action, no self, no-existence, and the Hollow Awareness, the relationship to synchronized harmonized states of Order occur within the framework of Evolution. Thus, Evolution is a disordered (chaos) states becoming Ordered, – in which Order constitutes a development of Reason and Divinity.

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The word consecrates its own womb, like a fawn looking at it’s Mother in deepest wound. Leaving nothing behind, but moving forward with the first steps that it has even stepped.
It is new, free, unbounded by the natural order of law and imagination. This is the truest state; a fawn upon a memory.

This delicate frequency, this vibration we call Universe, this holy temple we exist in. It is the passage of vessel to vessel. From state to state. From Siddha to Satori. From communication to Zazen. From the first to the last. All is, in essence, the point that we grasp.

Moving away, from the original point of time, we unleash a more faded essence of who we are. The closer we move, to who we are, the closer we move to the original point of time. Thus, the closer we are to our Attunement, the closer we are to Source.


Source, the beginning fires and waters of existence. The Purusha, a plasma that envelops all that is, this plasma liquid, like a water boiled by fire, is always releasing and receiving, taking, but never asking more than it is.

It is, in essence, a body that we live in. Our dimensional frequency, is a solid-liquid flux. It is permeable to the perception of each individual agent. By attuning, turning in, addressing the Source inside, we can begin to see, our Original Face, the True Nature, Self Identity, not negating who we are, but merging with the whole on a fundamental level.


The whole, is the Cosmos. It is the order that is in order to promote order. It is the realm of patterns, of knowledge, of history, of places and fancies that capture imagination! It is such a fancy, all the delights and treats that can sooth the soul. Yet deepest pain longs for deepest love, and even the fawn upon my memory shows love from above.


We are what we are, there is no beating around the Bush. The fire that burns the Bush of time allows us to see that we are emblems of a sacred seed. This sacred seed, the seed invoked

Into our being, is the presence that commands us to break free.

This pain inside me, is also without me, for without the law of what is inside, who would be able to see what is without? The pain, is in an auric body, but the body is the vastness of the ocean. The liquid flux that creates the substance of our being. This allows us to flow in and out of the state that brings us closer to the Womb.

The Womb is Nature’s Home, it is the Parent of all, It is the condition that frees us, but is the condition that machines us. Mother Nature, we are her product. Accept this now or be left behind. For is not the Harvest but of Vegetables?


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A Fire’s Birth

From ashes to air, all repairs.

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  1. Transmission;

I am Reborn




  1. Reality is a Syllogism


  1. The mind is a reciever, recieving frequencies from Source; in which that is computer giving out algorhythms through White Noise…Just an echo

Words are geometric patterns that have formed through imagination; thus than presented through fantasy and turned into fact through the direct experience.

Remember, Silence is a Metaphor for what is similar


  1. Lots of Orbs

Don’t like my thoughts

I can see you, reading

Things from Naught.


  1. Dreams in Realms

Where Plane Spheres

Orbit Around

Friction’s Sound


  1. Walked through a Gate

Hopelessly Late

Rolling dice

With the Fates


7.Beyond Mind

Beyond Love

Beyond Here

Face to Face


  1. Secrets of An

Speech Beyond

Elysiun Flowing

Present Songs


  1. A Cocoon Womb

Depth’s Darkness

Only Little Things

Illuminate unknowns


  1. Soul Spoke

Sage Master


Wake Up


  1. Rock bottom is great

It only opens the portals

Gate, Terra passed,

Blessings on the Fates


  1. The universe is

One song

Pushed by a wave

In evermore


  1. When Shit

Hits the Fan

The Lion

Will Speak


  1. straight from heart, yawning in the new dawn



15.We are on a voyage to eternity

When’st the breeze calmly

Allows the dust to repeatedly

Manifest unto this Reality

Silver notes, harps melody

One for All, before Harmony

Chaos and havoc fade away

As Light is replayed

An apocalypse paved

In the blueprint’s grave

To be alive? More than just reason

Fate? Changes every season

Time? Holds us all like treason

Deliverance? What is a Son?

Just One in Light’s Sun

Words coded in the deepest One



You just have to fall


17.Nature never changes, but is always the root of change. Each Tree is like society, growing deep into the roots of men and reaching skywards to the heavens. It takes a simple solution to notice that one has to cut the roots, as they are part of a past societal structure. To embrace infinity and fly beyond the sky is what must occur; for this is beyond Heaven.

For Remember, Horatio, there are more things in Heaven, than your philosophy stems on Earth.


18., Darkness





  1.  A Sage

Is always in a


With Rage

Yet, is the madness

In or out of us


  1. If I said I was a Master

You wouldn’t believe me

If I told you I was schizophrenic

You would ask a million questions


  1. Never sugarcoat

What you say

The person may…

Have diabetes


22.There is only one thing

That you can rely on

And that is



23.Don’t mess with

A thug

That is

The rub

24.Got my own Pad


Forget the Pen


25.A turtle

Only moves

As fast

as a hare











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O my muse

Were thither did thou go?

To dancing realms

And marigolds?


To fleeting grace

Silent abodes

Still in the feeling



O yes, can’t you

Whisper softly into

My deaf Ears



To music that

Preaches it’s own

Through the conduit



Moment past now

Past a into somehow

Left behind mirages

Truth’s shadow callogoues


Can’t you feel

The silent pain

Speaking here

In words?


Like painted letters

Unwinding like a clock

My own existence

On a flicker tic toc


Now this moment

Total in what is rare

Love essential

And non-compared


No judgements, patience

And feelings hesitated,

Slows it down from

Pain to transformation


The liquid molten film

Of my life

Erases the flux

And changes nous


Into this

Just this

Only this

Be this


Do these words usher

A gentle fawn

That soothes a

Troubled Soul?


Or does the Wolf

Ravage the deer whole

Take what can be

And always anger full


O muse! You let me see

My realm of heresy!

Always more for the fill!

Can’t you just be still!


Let purity rain down mana

And send lilacs in persona

That is no limit to who you are

Just a condition applied


These healing words

Just race like a stolen


Of  somehow entertainment


Keep the pieces

Tethered and arranged

So these words

Healing defined


Through pages divine

In the total thyne

Be as free as the

Rays of the Sunshine


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