Time Betwixt

Daniel Reurink
New member · 8 mins
Looking at each stone placed deep within the water,

We wonder at life’s questions, why do we even bother,

Do we harm one and another; or keep sacred as Mother,

To purify the land and renew, secret design in the wounds,

Of past reflection of memories that would true cocoons,

Metamorphosizes like a butterfly, photosynthesizing doom,

After life grows and decays, look at the positive not at the gloom,

Be part of the movement, a dream awakening all to soon,

A lucid spell written upon the page we call life, petty strife,

Suffering is deep, but the well deep under the fall is trife,

Upon the beauty of Eden, a naming land that wasn’t confused,

Among Kadam Adam and his named creature’s true,

Than a wife appeared, out of his rib’s dust color’s blue,

The sky sometimes cloudy, sometimes open to residue,

Yet it can also shine bright as the Sun, a liquid sulphur clue,

Salty Mother letting liquid also glow blue, anointing mountain’s few,

Tallest of the dust, who could perform the miracle’s trust,

Move a mountain, but kept it to the word; Sword Excalibur’s ungst,

Diamond, every shape cuts the perfection dust; linear candle rust,

As naming collection’s of the oringal’s dance, action powering crust,

A trance between the shores, right-hand battle between spells such;

A simple seed, all grows from the sprout of life’s need, light touch,

Finessed by a paintbrush; coloring the sky daily, wizard’s lucid will’s must,

To perform the dance with water; sisters and brothers, current pressure,

Insistence on measures below, above reigning sovereignty,
As sharp storms and flowing drains bestowed a flashing light rarity,

Upon the nitrogen, a reaction between sulphur and, nitrous acid viscosity,

And sprouted a land before, before the suggested Eden storyline,

Walked among the species of primates and reptiles before beginnings,

As they came, survived, understood and evolved, so did the finalies,

Of epochs, time in earth’s bomb clock; where something sets it off,

And the system hits a reset on the deepest well epiphany, rough,

Times in cold, harboring the winds as a sword, cutting animals tough,

Walking from cold to heat; order to disorder, that is star light capacity,

To see into past walking times; with Avalon and Dragons from time before,

Dinosaurs that could fly; breathe fire and become one with the Hubb and Wagon,

Spirally telekinesis through the flames ability to flare a solar space-time deity,

Ino a wave hand design behind the flow, open a new window; then see into relativity,

A measurement smell or large, can be calculated, it’s not that hard; certainty,

Of a Wave collapsing into an atom’s life to be seen among the seeds charity,

So many programs to delegate through time’s history, what connectivity,

A download beyond the mirror of things; behind the veil is synchronicity,

An incredible outcome this poetica, a variety through many scenes, end; Au Revoir

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Natural Life

Natural Life (Epic) – Poem by Daniel Reurink
Natural life
Natural trife
Within all strife
Blight alike life
We hear a song about another in time
The thoughts so cool the thoughts sublime
They race in chaos between each line
Above beyond soar free in the crime
A wizard boils tempers and stares
He see’s his eye upon each glare
Third eye wide open prophecy
Is a all open affair
His staff wields circles boxes true
His anger is blue foam water dew
Each morn the grace staff will’s a few
The wheel time spells cold a new
This moment clear and moment bright
Alive to see the ocean trife
To all life open in the white
Hold tight to might in Samson’s blight
Two pillars broken one standing free of fall
Alone stands might within all tall
Roots deep loose sediment complete
Is an open door nature repeat
Open door to inner Styx breath
For dead do these words spell unleash death
Black forsaken shadows within a test
For all that is was alive and blest
Sorcery o words uttered in time
Circle wheel circle’s will within sublime
This frost is peachy white as the lime
That sour and dour upon the fold dime
Two sided nature balances virtue and vice
For caged all thoughts are like upon mice
Who search for cheese and thus he thrice
Is an open knowledge leading path of lice
Each bug a delusional self illusion
That promotes the tall exclusion
A time with one within seclusion
I am a filled with writing fusion
Seated on a throne I cast a spell
Open wide fountain; open sea-se-me
Reason a voice that can foretell
A prophetic instrument of dell
Computing the end of time’s hell
Unshackled and clean I tragic flaw
Within the ocean does my voice a maw
For I am the sceptre and the claw
That vices and virtues within hold a law
Twirls twists and anti kiss
Spell outline the birds and bliss
Untold the fold to subconscious tis
An open source of ocean midst
The ocean teams with life so white
For it shines outward in the deepest night
Sky bound and radiated is all a like
For photons grow on particles of light
Electron my select is on
Neutron I am stooped upon
A crackle pish wackle of long
Time stood still in silence bong
Clang rings the bell fro ma wizard spell
For untold are all prophecies of tell
The reason is silence the Delphi mediated hell
Chaos holds deep in roots so quelled
Natural selection is the spell crime
For evolved from disorder whence order aligns
For within light life is of time
Still motions beating forward in ocean sublime
The trance is in motion repeats silence
For begotten behoved was my inner sense
Betrayed and denied for innocence
Is an open alive wept minute whence
Now the tree of time was a tree crime
A state conditional of evil all line
The set in zero state conditional late
Behove the maiden who ate of the tree
She fell open to the dry root of land
Were upon now the fold a stands
The portal opened from a plane unseen
All all men became anew and clean
Alive within the scene tempted earth and grew
The knowledgeable test of change wise
Who written form Jove all set asides
The open ocean current that surprises
The dead log that opens the misery
Death is a spell that opens a new form
Ignorance or knowledge is the true de form
For within alive do we all adorn
To a time were scorch is unto scorn
And now I go into the Styx
That flow and grows above denial
Ocean a swept born in the wild
I smite at the point of defile
The way a path that I must take
Alone my soul upon a stake
I live in life on constant wake
Alive I am on my forsake
Creation is a point that is blest
Initial state of order whence
Alive in all sense a test
The savoir in all grace guest
The path to golden way is clear
Bliss in virtue well that’s dear
Open sound within the clouds
Is a midst that spreads vapours for
This man I am is now in live
With what a spell of what a time
Ocean bound my will must climb
From within the branch within the vine
We are a grape that seeks divine
Pleasure a pursuit and not a goal
For alive it is our dooms to soul
Open fresh each morn awake is slept
For within in all our past a wept
Is a sound that seems so wet
A cry a great mourn that is defect
An infection that narrows deep in a crime
Knowledge forsook from a path straight line
For Leo the Sirius wolf will align
A past recalled of the fall once a blind
Bliss is heaven settled or established
Thus verse I write it seem contrite
For now I reap upon what is white
A central force whose soul open mic
A non existential door that’s bright
This place I listen to my heart glisten
Is a raw stand tell of a menu ghoul
Who lives deep underneath alone set weep
Danger to all who think twice in time
Set on splice, ignorant is their crime
Knowledge is a state order one
Be-first begun beneath the sun
Of time of the golden bay sum
Who atones the beginning set done
Alive in the beginning we wept in swim
Then we grew from earth fire and wind
Clay breathed upon the fold
A story long lost and untold
We moved as one in beginning knowledge
Yet fires burn and earth whites
O they past we have lost
It is possible all was known once begot
Now we hear all and sense who one
We don’t know the tune-step we hear
But alive fear we all must bear
Within this ocean glare I see a tree
That stands tall in the team of me
A verse to be heard and to all for see
How the waves crash unto the beach
The rock is our fire within hearts desire
To be one with the ceremony of time
The time when beast of men
Alive within the earth’s dive pen
We all are asleep in awake the dream
What is is what it seams to beam
A light the photon radiates so fast
It moves beyond a state of blast
It moves from one point first to last
And continues in momentum of crash
The end is when reset is once
And we refresh and begin set lunch
A time that moves forward from the crunch
And lives in session without a fuss
Life is always and moves set forward
Innocence to charmer of time is insistence
This craft that floats within the sea
Is alive surround clear through all me
I hear the bell ring and earth sings
Time to cheer on chaos beginning
First to last is our existence past
We live each moment form first to last
At last we fall into to subjective self
And realize all matters for whence we need help
This dream state form we live past all
For uprooted tall the oak won’t fall
No madness only a eternity of answer bliss
For justice and virtue love has greed you a kiss
All pain and defection alive in the Styx
Floating dead sinking within the spell fist
Each year we hear the passing we have missed
A fleeting moment that settles all issues
Energy arises from the inert electron tissue
Yet so is energy found in all nature’s forms
A chi that enhances the invisible door
To a rainbow border that alive is no form
It floats freely in order conscious storm
A state of bravery is virtue plus one
For alive beneath the sun we are done
The beginning set on start until finish is fun
A heaven on earth earth between the heavens
Written in all is a glory tree tall
It flows through existence to a wed mind
Were stall, ocean knowledge is lost within the fall
For alive we all stand tree tall
Vir is virtue and a godly state tree
Men to their King who is omnipotent free
Written in past language is an almighty creed
We see with the head we write
For within our soul is but of a light
That shines out white into the blight
It screams over all that hears its take
The talk of spells and past present now
Is within the all I relate from hell
Chaos my split self the true test
To live alive in free bliss that’s blest
Time waits for no man so keeping writing set
For in the ocean I must love as wet
What is life upon the blight
It is the day of night saint white
Darkness only shines when light is out of line
A force sucking inward all a massed
The moon reflects all light win the path
That moves a star from first to last
Reality is a sensual perception
A dark scissor of inner infection
Open wide eye I can see all talk
For the deny their first fruit of walk
Different is a condition that states from one
For alive and radiant under Apollo sun
We are alive in the ocean done
Standing here on a beach I sit to think
With my will hanging in the brink
For all is renown and renown a twist
Ocean midst in spells that a list
Unlock the future with heaven’s key bliss
A timely spell of lightning tis
A lucid dream across the land
For within the fold we must stand
A time for glory to take the gland
That opens door to energy grande
Fire rages in heat and swims in ether
It moves back and forth from dendrite feature
The not that combusts from a fiery lust
To the ocean I seek my trust
Backwards is past our nothing all
The strong feeling of one set in tall
A tree fall within the swaying bush
Tropical land of fulfillment kush
This place of spells twists dares and toils
In its heat it boils and boils
Flaming fast frozen last in the calling
A blight of storm of weather falling
Produced is now a wizard man
Who lives in the would upon the land
He speaks in just realizing the must
To fulfill the need of voice lust
Our voices are a thought played in sense
O language taught in Babel defence
Order from disorder whence a test
To communicate will ions along the fence
The deepest crevice I live in;
Is where my dark Atlantis swims
Freely floating fleeting among all
Virtue’s and vices of justice grown tall
God exists in every atom of life
We are caught up in absolute strife
Disorder reason of order to I now relate
Justice is a martyrs soul on stake
We feel his pain but think of bliss gain
A scale concurrent to your heart’s mail
I feel like the atomic structure of many
DNA present found in the atoms energy
Kaizen the chi to witness through our fence
You may grow supple in majesty tree
Dendrites howled through win in roots deep
The chaos brings order unto my castle keep
Cunning and grace is a bucket list first
Alive from my hearth I survive on thirst
I read deep into my Atlantis lost field
O the potential energy I may yield
Like a sword cut through the sky
Open wide my all let deep reside
For a value that sits on the bend
Vice is unpopular and produces low trends
Suppliant to the invisible hand that when
Depression reduced by one thought of man
It opened up Nature to pull I can do
For verses and rhythm are a contagious flue
Although I stand tall among the all true
What is, is right a prophecy set blue
Nil is ni on ocean foam dew
Each morn I reflect upon a great clue
That all inspections points should fare
Along my all set first en snare
A lonely Odyssey for all to hear
Delight all lambs with rabid fear
You hold to deep to the ocean door dear
A blind delusional self of the queer
Propagated my all in time set free
All alive sing now all along breed
I bask in the ocean sun
Alive we live all alive were one
We hold a deep trace of thought
It was ponder thought lost ponder caught
Within the ocean swim my will twas brought
A steady search for an answer set lost
In the beginning was the word
A word written out in complete sense
One thing only, one silent pretence
It lived beyond all matter and
Floats hither whence, a rapid taping sound twist
The word then spoke its initial course
Alive to all restart each moment of art
Effort of virtue that is set apart
From the beginning and last moment start
Are not all thoughts but growth?
From the berth of disorder most
We dream what the effort apart set do
Heroic paintings shine clear as true
Apollo white set clear as morn dew
Sphericity set on balance by musical clue
A note set in time to circular you
Soul expanding through and through
A tree that harbours nature’s growing tall
Earth spoke to water and asked what to make
For wave and crust battle long did take
A frozen wave searching for a cove
To make a solid point within Jove
Love came betwixt those lost densities
From magma all of us commerced
Rock fire ore desire; the manipulation of self
Wind water forces caught here; are all on whelp
The fusion and clay produced a new spirit last
And continued on making furious hot white
The stores stood tall erect of fall
Early primates this wonder at works of gods
Breathed wind into life set a loose on the splice
We atoms change to words living
In between text the others coming
Walked this sprit upon the earth’s crust
For new life and order begunst is a must
Time to shape rock, break stocks and live
By a moral code of nature give
For all alive and well is no sin
We are glued into the system that’s win
For heaven rejoices with gates open fin
Lightium advoterum the lights shines advanced
Weak minded wheel clock of blackness surpassed
The need of my set still in creed
Is open flowing within the clear blue sea
Waves pound along my icer inner core
For alive the truth I must restore
Further into my soul we now bore
Flip the page or bend the envelope
For here in print is infant choke
A baby who hymns it as a flow
Alive and stand tall a tree a grows
Roots deep in our crust
A situational towards light must
Swayed logic by breath’s wind
Listen to the sound of our kin
The voice of past I listen to
All nature is expressed from morn dew
It reshades and grows like a infant leaf
Until at last it becomes first full rush
The waves run parallel to the branch
We evolved from carbon and new elements
Earth, water, fire and air mixed all
To permeate through time still stalled
Rapid way set in moment flash
Will the keeper unto is gods bash
The group forced open translate into one
To radiate disorder from the light and sun
Evolved from nothing the order chance done
Probability is chance of will destine one
Free choice is our voice to do what is right
For inside all honesty is a pore of light
Alive around in sound the heat
That hold on head or I must beat
Black shadow sun unleash my caged feet
For winter solace I must meet
The titans of rock stood first with man
Unleashed their magic upon the land
Cronos the absolute till hither he stood
A rock made denser than petrified wood
He stood over the lands and jumped from sense
For little big monster is a small pretence
They floated and carved the initial sea
Easter Islands are a prophetic glee
We learned the wheel from our choice will
Knowledge is set aside enforce and instil
Time is the universal seed of a plant
For magnified the giants looked a scant
They pleaded with men and set a true test
Who can realize all must surely be blest
We came from titans aim in long but lost quest
This is the perfect earth for test barrier
A convex bubble denying all gravity trouble
Is how their ship floats within the rubble
These men of old, unheard of untold
Set the force of consciousness to enwove
Joved blessed by Callisto the kife fold
Invisible hand to participants of gold
Gold, iron, metal, rock balanced system of restock
How gold their time tic tocs to a clock
For they are the giants made of rock
Chaos set in straight by all one King
Who shines radiated with beautiful wings
For arrows and bandits due south a fling
They hurt more than a needle’s sting
Rock form above the ocean storm
Was the old pretence of galaxy form
Unleashed is all from natural thorn
Thorns from the hammer of Thor
Who knocks down all forces at the door
No evil in titans for they a bore
A truthful self of help thats a core
Now in the firs the titan spoke
Six days we got to make clay toke
Breath life into clay to unsurp play
We must alive and set day
Nature expressed through nature a point
Reverse and forward blessing that joints
Two sided coin the evil and good persist
For all our life the wheel insists
Hammer bash clip the old set now
For ocean harmony is sea sky blue
Working with lava clay forms to mould
They old working matter of the fold
Then thus the man was created
A time lost forgotten and hardly propagated
Rest set in quick time for a God
For all his laws are a golden rod
The secret to life is how we exist
For alone and single I will persist
To relate the beginning fall of woman sin
Knowledge is second to what we must win
The Titan battle of tempest inner being
For alive and beyond we live in a scheme
That seems to match a theatre screen
Read all about our life in past dreams
Now visions tell about a far away land
Were reality is chosen upon the man
It holds its own and sets in store
An open portal planet jumping door
Evil was sprouted from a choice free will
Frozen still freezing the noose cooling chill
Purged into a noose of natural test
We must live until bliss is the quest
A quest for old timers to relate the past
From in the first row within they last
We walked unknown to a lamb fully grown
And game forms to the matter a sown
Named all names and search is found
For the river Styx lives deep underground
Perfidious deeds deem sacred glow
River recount worldly flow
Grain on grain the desert Atlantis drifts
Against the garden land of swift
Hedge well thy roses, head on stealth
Of ever-creeping land of health
A knight is the medium standard sight
Upon the blight sorcery is of night
It cools the lava boils and sets hot
Resting restless in ponder caught fought lost
Reason in old age diminished as from one
A star shining down until reset is won
The titans are the ordered picture first
A lens of time and a moon of bearth
In truth these creatures lie upon the land
Close to our land the lie still in way
They live in far off houses galaxies away
Close to our land the lie still in way
Their senses evolved in a particular day
They see greater and hear the respect of all
The force of lightning standing still and tall
Romancing and searching far within land
They sprouted from dendrites axiom gland
The thought of time matched them
Then open conscious matter apprehend them
The twists and snares that in time dare
The wealth fair to land past dare
Moving as giants across each planet jump
They left clue’s and interest to few amongst
The picture frame is clear and holds dear
To what they speak of what they fear
A chance to spark life
The beginning of all strife
Human a test of true life
Caught up within open kife
A secret code all that unlocks knowledge door
Inside our imagination of truth will be restored
Shelved in your castle deep within the moat
You hide your haven and destroy float
We are all a ship ocean bound
Limitless by innate spell twist
Is a way we can all exist
One movement of an idea Titan wise
We all exists in perishable demise
Uranium the power to build a space must
For final frontier of our soul is a lust
A Titan passion burning to cease lead
Water drunketh to all who a stand
Tree’s axiom forest from live to man
Stand upright with nature unto the sand
Ashes to axes dust bitten flea
That is how small we are to agree
Titans over time intellect passed divine
Is how order establishes your crime
Of life on the fold within the home
That keeps us alive into the matter grown
Now in the center of the fold
Is a Titan story that is untold
A living breath feeling of cold
It saturates all dates into road
Leaving all behind in the new de vine
Listen to the fable I again preach
The Titans are a race that existed all
The beginning closer through of them all
Hierarchy is a system that works tree tall
Above beyond below the changing matter
For this conditional is only a timer ladder
The sea crashing daily in the form of men
Grew alive and outspoken from chaos of when
Progressively they sit far from our reach
O the constellation human do I preach
The radiate the night sky for all to see
The momentary second elementary fee
Inspection are the roots of time
Running and swimming in the thought sea
A cool rush of wind reflects through me
Show grace and receive grace to balance fee
Emotions run rampart in castle fortress land
For inner truth is order at stand
Think lion wise the Titans follow the hero
Saxon night must contrite in the field
For through the ether I hear what I yield
Stones of frozen saturated form
How do you rise from the storm?
Your bliss is free from the state man
To far are thee away from our land
They may; be invisible to us
But survived in a thought a ringing gurst
They pierce through time a field of divine
It radiates throughout of spherical swine
Cattle on the lamb train to St.Climb
Above all matter is pure choice form
I can exist separate from my body self
Float free in essence is untested
Relive each moment that contested
A sound have heard by select few
Alive and well I sing my song to you
Moment through a third eye stare
I relive my atoms perfect glare
If only, when only man come to this
Lucid are his spell grows floating tis
A state out of mind of the bliss
Dreaming is order for the hammer fist
Ad infintium to the end of days
For madness is an acute sense trade
My mother is an inherent fade
Who lives life on the constant brave
The Titans made what and discerned when
Alive in this subjective matter den
They spoke in wise riddles between the fold
For prophecy of thought was beginning told
Here lies the ocean to bear all those
Who choice a choice in all blues
Blue project is a true project of men
Alive, alone, annoyed be likely a stand
Terra firma in the ground tree tall
All muses abilities work in the fall
Grown tall swayed by logics breathing wind
Is another Titan who along believes in fin
Men in this particular form is mandate
So we can be judged in our demand date
Time is of late so Titans sleep in wake
Their soul expressed on inner calm lake
A cloud in the summer fogs the will
Of what the wheel in time holds still
Still in this moment fleeting you
For within my lines my soul hides true
Nil is night from sky cloud blue
A trance of a knight searching lance
Medium must be seen from a balance state
Conditional to last along each line propagate
Restate now the early set times
Far beyond beneath the clock chimes
Is a planet seeking its place alive
This is part recycle choice of thyne
Reincarnation that seems so sublime
We are connected with plants aligned
To a single strand of star sea shine
Ocean wind calling time so thin
A particle of all situation skin
The Titan relapses into a form of a planet
For its safety net is time recycled
A system cycle that courts the man
For alone and just he must stand
Relate now the fall overtop that’s all
Apple redeem the ocean fruit supply
Open sea open wild in thy
The first domes were set in place
On different planets whence to trace
A man who amongst the human race
Inside my inner desire a true blessing
For I am the white power castle
That through chaos answer I exist
Fire heating inner coil serpentine wish
In the word was a fire
That is the heat of our hearts desire
Heated from an axiom point of up
Down grows the wave produced a muff
It soars through the waves as Titan praise
Unleashed in song for new land days
It is of the gay they may say
To be the master of my fate play
Alive all knowledge lives and stays
Tired is a state below the health lay
A order disorder perseverance law
Of the claw the fire draws a maw
Coals are the beginning of time
The thoughts that race of sublime
A reason tackled through a field
Of potential energy prison yield
Fire mixed with water to create desire
Yoga Kaizen that all particles know
For substructure complexity they a show
Rock forms that hold all thought of time
Left behind was their deaf less land
For man to preach of giants work
Herald disorder rate of order lark
Rust is the sensation of an old self
Coals are the end of time
Silence is the greatest Delphi and Dodona
The oracle of time the voice of Hosana
Always the fleeting moment set true
Destiny she speaks through time so blue
A rock fountain of elixir youth
An ocean crevice deep that keeps truth
Sink down to the formation of clay and water
The boundary exists due to father
Dendrites with axioms as roots and tree’s
Are the logic that sprouted first and old
Alive in nature all books of bold
Willing to be cut for our greed profession
To relate all out of depression
Deep holes in the soul run deep to bore
An ocean swimming ocean door
Heavens gate a trumpet sound more
The Leo of time trumpeting to the King
For the earth of matter he still brings
An ocean song through all silence swing
The hope for all the faith of fall
Vir is against all vices now
War with earth, water, air and fire
What Titan to control all the mire
All insisted one the governance should be one
Referred into a higher beg that sums
All the elements into the triad full
Between all atoms it wills a wows
The fluted time in vacuum to glows
This great being lived a live in all this
He rests silently like a silence mind
The Titan Brahma of all the land
Set forth into clay particle may
Titan the Jove a wrath battle
For our life we are all but cattle
The flame for our length and time here
O until our path is o set clear
To a precious substance you know dear
Split in head created in two
The depression singing lue
Now the spirit willed and choice enabled
Our fate upon the land thats stable
A conscious force grown form an order state
To become on again with yourself late
Clary speaks ot earth and creates rock
Our cove is a solid oak stock
Of vegetation on earth’s timely clock
Left flow the ambience energy song
Through time we hear all along
This hymn of Titan praise
Will most likely anew
A paramount liquid of evolved life
For nature is nature expressed through strife
Come around the beginning sound
That rings your rock core out of luck
Find the plastic way to heavens way
Tune into the dance of your eternal being
For you last longer than this scene
Eternity is your more that lasts
Restored row is a little of our past
That you serve me to this latitude
Thank-you silence in humble gratitude
Live your life as a Titan
For then you lose your might win
Wail’st thou art certain to my words and gone
As in thy conscience, which is always one
For Titans roam upon the word fun
A form theset rock unto all
Tree of life standing tall
My work is beside the point of lesson
For Titans roam upon the guests in
A time set for food of heaven
Open door to parallel eleven
The Elder Gods were great men sown
Form Gaia planet Uranus home
They filled the sky and star ether
A lucid dream of omnipotent feature
Golden year is golden cheer
Alas and live we are live here
Upon my dear the precious war mingles
Between heaven and hell my body tingles
The shiver spine chill that sets all a still
Will remember my will on the ocean bill
Oceanus was of the blue spirit form
He advanced all water sky tree’s and thorns
Living high in his temple above all the rest
He overseered the sky blue true test
Hypernium the hyper accelerated force
Moving the wind with a rustling recourse
Circles willed in form wind set chill
He works in southern barrier fill
Coves was the Titan of clue’s
Each morn the grass is of dew
Realizing water the Oceanus set form
Rising both working one above the norm
Cronus was the Father god
Who is the grass upon the sod
The golden harvest, grasshopper of waves
Golden rod sceptre of floating praise
Cirius was the cunning of all men
Alive in though the play horse pen
He worked as a force one
For alive we are disorder of the sun
Lapetus the lateral, who is passionate latter
The fixed points of martial law matter
Who is a three dimensional looking earth
Is splices put together from berth
Lapetus is the trigonometry relation of all
Now females stood tall in this first regiment
While clay man relates the sediment
She is the water of all planet’s and ice
She is a cold shiver river splice
Tethys is a rock of pure dazzlement
It shades the jewels precious adamant
Alive and well dazzling purple clouded sapphire
Grave desire our hearths love and desire
She rests on earth’s crust
Thein the garden plant of all that is
Vegetation underbrush that grows seeds a tis
A wondering lost forest that sits in this
A order ratio growing from bliss
Phoebe was the fast delivery of thought
All are one races out of her mind bought
She reads into destiny for our cause life
Learning who lives and is set in splice
Then the god Titan of time
Linear progression along a line
All will align this girl marred one
Now a virgin to our selective touch
Themis is the air that we breathe
Without life would falter at the breeze
The point of corruption of growing nature
Alive and well are eat chicken nature
The children of past time this verse fought
For their own poem of age past century start
This first state of order set apart
Driving away into the late dark
Uranus is the planet that set berth
To all things matter upon the earth
Silence the mantra of Gaia hearth
Tis revolutions that twist the fragile gerth
A deep crevice and severance that tree down
Into the deep hinged ocean set sound
In and around the heat burns senses
It is alive in thought so apprehensive
Wizard crackle light door time, open up light
Now how this accured was dear to me
The mother floating in the sea
It begonst a change and related this
Growing old from time matter confined
Until lost beginning was video
A captured rest in six days accured
A theatre to watch the show unfurl
Sphinx the silence of all thought at one
Hidden secret of Egypt knew logical hunch
This is a bunch of chaos in one prize
But I am just the freak on a leash
The war between heaven and hell exists
For black and white matter still persist
White speckled into millions color accrue
Black only absorbs like inward gravity
Oceanus how with his the blue question
Approached an answer without dejection
For all wills are power rejection
Humble foxes the power sword of edge
Close to fall off man kinds hedge
Yet floating in first waters a swirl
The river Styx that almighty holds
A whole portioned by disorder
For enlightened we can cress the border
To a rainbow filled land of all order
Perfect form of absolute star er’
Within the fold grow a heart untold
It burned with the ember of gold
A fire of heart that radiates start
Wheep the line of the over hill dark
Light shone through Titans in first day
They made their rocks upon the clay
They spelled and twisted all earthly elements
To create a spell that in life it fits
They shaped all animals in the void
For then the breath of wind gave choir
To sing the song of humanities fire
This Yoga is inner out heart
Now flow the river of Styx to me
Read all about our figuriance fee
Spells twirls and dells within my clause
Open door to root open more
The Titians fuelled their close family
For all was the beginning annually
Heard now is the story of old
The Titians of lost the Titians of bold
Before the sun they sat on moons
For they we a front of our brain
They lived with all senses that move us
That paints the sky for all to see
How momentarily is a happy glee
That set free subjective all can feel
Alive the sound so around the kneel
That bends over to be knighted in creed
To the law his heart only impedes
In the beginning the word made rock
Earth before air element of restock
Sun flowing it melted with the sea
It performed actions of tempest seed
Forms shaping from water and rock
Than air perfumed over this large stock
Fire burned inward and set the core
To open respiration to heaven’s door
All elements mixed as one
Under beneath alive true sun
We are all Yoga that is done
A Brahma that negates all elements
For we are fire, earth, sea and air
All elements to make a unisex dare
For how fair is all that holds true
Nil is ni in Ocean sky blue
Time a clicking bomb on the clock
Of the constant matter tic toc
We live as Titans in our own world
For alive and well the word set it stone
Day two the Titans decided rest
For completed was their mankind test
They wait in awe and reproduced
To kill them self upon a noose
Of rebirth the death along the quest
Matter of parentage matter of best
All matter is a new instance of now
It perm agates all a matter some how
Light forms from the inverse of black
So cease the night sky herald lark
Light above the air for hell is deep
Rooted in the mire of the keep
The castle holds true to all help time
For a rock Titian of earth is holds sunshine
Now all elements supported eachother
For united they all are brothers
A thought played in spoke and out toke
They live alive in snowy smoke
From the heated fire of inner gold
Our heart is density upon the fold
Valley mountains and the sea
They are a flowing part of me
All life the vita of vitality
Our heart’s pumping fatality
We are the branch true Titan growth
A vine of grapes admist the boat
That floats down the river to our lake
No mistake on things unforsaked
Titans on day three decided now
That trees we brains from nature how
Nature expressed through all the logic
Of what we call unso fall sick
We fell out of disorder; order whence
A pretence that fit all that was spent
Rebirth of knowledge so past our sense
Alive in nature’s homage tent
A house to live in a home to squall
For all most hear within the fall
An ocean current growing tall
The ripples and tires float to the sand
Alive and alone we must all stand
Tall as a tree that is our self
For heat of the truth will only whelp
You to me from far of you
Only this Titan will hold true
Vir is virtue upright in time
Titans are living essence of sublime
No crime did they commit before the fall
Of Eden tree unlikely human maul
Virtue is the greatest force
Above beyond all Eden tree course
We may fly fast as one
To remake the beginning fall that’s done
For we are all a form of rock
That sheeps its place among the flock
Now wherefore, this, by day and night
In rain in tempest and in snow
Do the soft sea winds a blow
They grow and grow among the glow
That seeds of time of will have sowed
Two circle wills of light will allow
A time in heaven a time in cloud
Rocks stood up against a mountain herth
For in the beginning thought was berthed
Titans of this castle land
Upon the spell upon the gland
The intervenes us with the truth
To save our life from above the noose
Hark now death of bless produced
Lonely Amazon answer truth
Now earth enroots all our lives as one
We are alone in matter day sum
Above we glow from roots so afro
Do the lines of consciousness flow
Stream down in paper the thoughts of men
For Titans still due Titans stand
Harmony the music one step complete
Two step melody for those who wheep
The walk of death due ignorance
Is shining light to knowledge blest
The rays hither this light in time
I am of cool and am of sublime
Titans reverent to sun thought align
Unspoken is heard with amongst lines
Reminiscence of structures solstice light
Stone hedge of rock true anthem white
Ceremonies through reverent time alike
Do these men of Easter Island pyshce
Time the universal seed of might
To a plant structure above the blight
Hither they stood in time bright
I was a steady flow of harmonic glow
I fell deep into my soul of sudden
Issue forth evil times of glutton
The magic keep twas hither stood
My knight in armour fell upon wood
Alive in all he somewhat stood
The lost Atlantis glory
Jump from iceberg to planet word
Were the Titans path between the walls
Portals, senses, vacuum dimensions supported
This group of rock that was deported
From the quarry of time
Flurry rock divine
Within all my wizard spell
Well no unleash the fire of hell
Torture chains of spliced atoms
Is the fall due to Adam
Think of a ball as an atom of self
Now billions your cells are of tense
Atoms trillionth cut up from your self
Only knowledge neh ignorance due the way
The one path death all Titans took
To be one with maker folk
Time now ended begunst a hope
Alive in mist I have will a spoke
A fog unclogged on paralyzing hope
Faith do repeat itself in a fate
To my beginning I now relate
Fathered by Cronus and death came at once
I fell soul first in to darker disorder
For whence my ignorant had no other
The Titans looked at me and in esprit suprise
They issued forth a destiny of growth set aside
Death knocking close to everything once
Is how I stop in minute pause
Silence the mistress of Gaia pleasant
For everything in thought is awful pleasant
Now Oceanus tore with wonderful law
Red in my blue sky tonight belittle be all
Herrenge the danger that sots forth trends
It wears no individual mesh set pretence
For alive in precious moments all a deer
True to my soul i stare home clear
Floating silence held but all still
Uranus to following forward chill
Close to time Titans call your name
Although begunst of all inane
A form emotion written in verse
Devout to all who set alive in curse
Alive to me dead to you I can see
How fleeting moments happily
Transfix us to all our hearts desire
For Yoga free Kaizen lighthouse spire
Is the parabola that is over fire
Over beneath set between ocean fair
Blue is true density changes blue air
To water and life set within the rocks
Colors were the beginning light evolve
The kept form to separate
Different densities that now relate
All primal hearths of initial burst
Were colors to shapes to primal earth first
Blue changed to water in this sense
Green became land were we sit yence
Red the blood the circulates hence
The beginning of light presumed whence
To the open world in its place
Titans of here Titans of power
Produced is your thought of the dome
Re istle the feeling lat
Re earth is a primal set date
Titans grow tall out of time
For they are the first words of align
Aligned all balls of sphericity
Standard of light electricity
Open wide to my inmost sea
Ocean alive swelling in me
Nature is a spell of wizardry
Spells crackle and unleash within the eye
Centered is our glineal surprise
All colors primal objective live
To see the theatre in Titan guise
The fold grow from water land demise
Formation of relation is dendrites point
Reverse and forward reactionary joint
Rocks forming with blue to promote true
Verse is rhyme of wizard kind.
Who can see the spell cast over the land
Greed and misfortune from the gland
Rocks were set berth, golden rising the sun
For alive we attest to golden heart one
Nature loving gold nature of density
An alive are well immensity
To conclude the fold is all pretentiously
Just a floating turtle of the sea
The grasshopper now ate among the grass
White is water that is glass
Membrane wall for distortion upon last
Eternity is the home of all
Oak tree’s that alive stand tall
Ultimately the final consequence
Is one that is wrote on ignorance
Death the walker of the test
To do whats right to do whats blest
Scratch the proverb of this quest
Titans strong and Titans best
Spells flow and glow hiding in low
For deepest crevice is sunken below
A mind that creeps along glory row
To of the seeds that I a sow
Now large masses attract the other
Due to gravities inward brother
A point expressed in a center out
Each planet alone without a doubt
What are the thoughts of mother Earth?
The initial set phase of her berth
A rock set growing outward
And formations of life from crystals sprout
True colors that changed amongst the forms
Until a living breath produced a norm
Tragic flow among the maw now the law
Society is small and above all
Growing outward evolution selective creed
Is all that never stops or impedes
Natural through Tethys sound in creed
Alive the border now receives
This change so quick beginning is rapid
For it was produced in acceleration habit
Life now lived and disorder grew
Until order reset among the crew
For man makes society from the fall
Reset now played out vital next date
Were a form of one was begunst late
Continued thus system all through time
Reason of us creature’s of sublime
Life evolves fast among the fold
For this story is done and finished retold
Crystals are density that cuts anything
And saves you molecule splice from the sling
Due south do arrows fling
For now we are all a living things

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The Disorder and Order The 8 Planets in our Galaxy

The Disorder and Order
The 8 Planets in our Galaxy


Daniel Reurink

Copyright by Metemphysics
Copyright @ http://www.up2quark.wordpress.com


R = V

V = D/T

Velocity = Distance/ Time
Time = Distance / Velocity

Velocity (v) is a vector quantity that measures displacement (or change in position, Δs) over the change in time (Δt), represented by the equation v = Δs/Δt.

The Formula T(D) = C is a Universal Principle.

Time (Disorder ) = Speed of Light

Disorder = S

Order and Disorder is a double limit system; between 0 – 1 / 1 – 0.

Using the functions above and double limits, we can figure out the percentage of each Planet’s disorder or order.


By using V=D/T ) (r=d/t) and using the reference of each Planet in position to the Sun, we can conclude the time the planet has been alive due to the essence that disorder is Light and the sun sources all from it’s rays. We are the strings of an M-Attractor like the Sun expressing its waves as light in which we are composed in the elements of Life. This is called the Photon, with the ideas of Disorder and Order as Entropy and Energy we can see the relationship of the Photons Light / Dark or Hot / Cold or Disorder / Order of the metaphysical principles found within the atom.

By using the Time of the Particle traveled, we can find it’s rate of disorder; and by looking into the time that each planet is placed from the Sun; we can conclude theCode from the develop of what we can understand through these underlying principles.

Sun to Mercury

Velocity = Speed of Light (300,000 m/s)
Distance = Distance from Sun To Mercury (57.91 Million KM) (x 1000)
T = ?
Velocity = Distance / Time
V = D / (T)
T = D/ V
T = (57910000 km x 1000m) / 300, 000 m/s
T = 1930333.3333333333s

T = 1930333.3333333333s

T ( D) = C
T ( D) = C
Time (Disorder) = Speed of Light
D = C / T
D = 300,000 m/s / 1930333.3333333333ss
D =0.15541357278535659

Order is proportional to disorder by the law of double limits. 0 – 1 / 1 – 0.
Disorder is at = 0.15541357278535659
Order is at 0.8445864272146434

Mercury = 85% Order
Disorder 16%

Sun to Venus

Velocity = Speed of Light (300,000 m/s)
Distance = Distance from Sun To Venus (108.2 Million KM) (x 1000)

Velocity = Distance / Time

V = D/(T)
T =D/V
T = (108,200,000 km x 1000 m) / 300,000 ms/
T = 360666.6666666667s

T ( D) = C
T ( D) = C
Time (Disorder) = Speed of Light

D = C / T
D = 300,000 m/s / 360666.6666666667s
D =0.8317929759704251

Order is proportional to disorder by the law of double limits. 0 – 1 / 1 – 0.
Disorder is at = .0.8317929759704251
Order is at .0.16820702402957488

Venus = 17% Order
Disorder 83%

Sun To Earth

Velocity = Speed of Light (300,000 m/s)
Distance = Distance from Sun To Earth (149.6 Million KM) (x1000m)
T = ?

Velocity = Distance / Time
V = D/(T)
T = D / V
T = ( 149600000 km x 1000 m) / 300,000 m/s

T = 498666.6666666667s

T ( D) = C
Time (Disorder) = Speed of Light
D = C / T
D = 300,000 m/s / 498666.6666666667s
D = 0.6016042780748663

Order is proportional to disorder by the law of double limits. 0 – 1 / 1 – 0.
Disorder is at = 0.6016042780748663
Order is at =0.39839572192513373

Earth = 40% Order
60 % Disorder.

Sun To Mars

Velocity = Speed of Light (300,000 m/s)
Distance = Distance from Sun To Mars (227.9 Million KM) (x1000m)
T = ?

Velocity = Distance / Time
V = D(T)
T = D / V
T = ( 227900000 km x 1000 m) / 300,000 m/s

T = 759666.6666666666 s

T ( D) = C
Time (Disorder) = Speed of Light
D = C / T
D = 300,000 m/s / 759666.6666666666s
D = 0.3949100482667837

Order is proportional to disorder by the law of double limits. 0 – 1 / 1 – 0.
Disorder is at = 0.3949100482667837
Order is at = 0.6050899517332162
Mars is at
39 % Disorder
61% Order

Sun To Jupiter

Velocity = Speed of Light (300,000 m/s)
Distance = Distance from Sun To Jupiter (778.5 Million KM) (x1000m)
T = ?

Velocity = Distance / Time
V = D/(T)
T = D/V
T =( 778500000 km x 1000 m) / 300,000 m/s

T =2595000s

T ( D) = C
Time (Disorder) = Speed of Light
D = C / T
D = 300,000 m/s / 2595000s
D = 0.11560693641618497

Order is proportional to disorder by the law of double limits. 0 – 1 / 1 – 0.
Disorder is at = .11560693641618497
Order is at = 0.8843930635838151
Jupiter is at
12% Disorder
88 % Order

Sun To Saturn

Velocity = Speed of Light (300,000 m/s)
Distance = Distance from Sun To Saturn (1.434 billion KM) (x1000m)
T = ?

Velocity = Distance / Time
V = D/(T)
T = D/V
T = ( 1434000000 km x 1000 m) / 300,000 m/s

T = 4780000s

T ( D) = C
Time (Disorder) = Speed of Light
D = C / T
D = 300,000 m/s / 4780000s
D =0.06276150627615062
Order is proportional to disorder by the law of double limits. 0 – 1 / 1 – 0.
Disorder is at = .0.06276150627615062
Order is at =0.9372384937238494

Saturn is at
6 %Disorder
94% Order

Sun To Uranus

Velocity = Speed of Light (300,000 m/s)
Distance = Distance from Sun To Uranus (2.871 billion KM) (x1000m)
T = ?

Velocity = Distance / Time
V = D/(T)
T = D/V
T = ( 2871000000 km x 1000 m) / 300,000 m/s

T = 9570000s

T ( D) = C
Time (Disorder) = Speed of Light
D = C / T
D = 300,000 m/s / 9570000s
D = .0.03134796238244514
D = .00000000000034831069313827934

Order is proportional to disorder by the law of double limits. 0 – 1 / 1 – 0.
Disorder is at = .0034831069313827934
Ordre is at = 0.9686520376175549
Uranus is at
97 % Order
3% Disorder

Sun To Neptune

Velocity = Speed of Light (300,000 m/s)
Distance = Distance from Sun To Neptune (4.495 billion KM) (x1000m)
T = ?

Velocity = Distance / Time
V = D/(T)
T = D/V
T = ( 4495000000 km x 1000 m) / 300,000 m/s

T =14983333.333333334 s

T ( D) = C
Time (Disorder) = Speed of Light
D = C / T
D = 300,000 m/s / 14983333.333333334 s
D =0.020022246941045607

Order is proportional to disorder by the law of double limits. 0 – 1 / 1 – 0.
Disorder is at = 0.020022246941045607
Order is at 0.9799777530589544
98% Order
2 % Disorder



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Jupiter Lost to Thunder

Heroes, ignite the forge
The blades from the North
Truth and Justice, Glorious;
Rebirth into the Furnace
Energy flaming, eruptions
Solar flares, volcanic eruptions
Of time lost; yet held Something
A Jewel learning Lotus’s Suffering
Abyss’s non-existence, Bifurcation
Of meaning; Split Reality; Realization
That Geocentric thinking creates Pollution
In Unity’s Harmony, the past a Melody
As Heliocentric openings, a remedy to Be
A lamp in the dark Sea
The more logos, the more scattered meanings
Simple is the answer here, Singular Dreams
Together Explains Multidimensional ability
Were monads of human beings, collectively
Add to each Tribe, in their Team
The words touch, so touch fabricates meaning
To Know Thyself, then love another as you
For peace Within, Heaven Free from Sin
Clues to Perfection, new light windows
Where One can see the Picture, WOnderful
Talks, and visions through this rapture
As Chemicals capture, and the sand’s nature
Ticks the Hourglass; time in essence
As many sand come and go, the pressure
Of who we are begins to show

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Ni Hao

Bushido; konichiwa; ni hao

Hun and po, we wei Tao

Purusha, neti neti dharma

Shiva, beloved Pravarti

THUNDERBOLT!, vision varja

Dorje, mission motive jolt

Midnight Ka, bardo awici

Master; Known Thyself, Kenji

Ringo, forbidden from the tree

Sense; Sunyata! Epiphany

Tao and Dao Erupting

Volcanic combustion, forbidden seed

Karmic lessons; white jewel’s lotus

Adma pad hum; aum beginning

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A Tree’s Seed

Blossoming, a tree grown from a seed

In the light; there is no greed

Only exchanges of what we need

Supply and receive, word’s in oceanic seas

Heaven below, inside zion, the tempus breathes

As a condition, contracts, free wills death

Open the path, to this and that, desert map

Blueprints residing inside, within, relax

As pushing the limit; on may relapse

Into the loop, get caught in dream’s recluse

As spinning the word, a slit fjord

Void of meaning, objects are Adam grieving

As his right to name; othere’s try to claim

Their insight into his frame, subjective enert brains

That miss the meaning; logos entertains

The play, which we dance and maintain

A performance, always hoping for rain’s change

To ignite the flame, heroes collecting planes

In a dissonance of nothingness, dissolves ranks

And you stand naked at the gate

Who am i? You must relate, or if entangled

You are not, you are you, nothing else; thanks

So bridge the gap, no ranks in haman contracts

That thold’s mostly water, heaven and mother

Clay form and spirit’s breath, moving motionless

God ask you, not a past life karmic clue

Lessons to learn for a few, you are not residue

Of past ppeope, who dumb, thinking your someone

When fact arises, you formed from nothing

The seed in all, all are the same thing

Just different understandings and meanings

Realization means actualizing your nothingness

Don’t be led astray by 9, its meaningless

As 10, everything an nothing overrides the resistance!

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One For All; All is One

divine right of kings
message to the slings
arrow hit central things
God anoints; joy’s ring

as poets sing, divinity
around the table, energy
all for one, one is synergy
a wordsmith’s analogy

you are on Earth, above
is me, in heaven, speaking
about redundant enemies
who understand nothing

backwards their sight, on midnight
the temple impurities, heresy
in intelligences misery
shaping the lost; bothering

that wisdom that sight brings
offers at the altar, egoic king
sacrificed for all, connecting
the abyss and system’s collective

into a harmonious whole
melody sings it’s soft tune soul
the signature of notes, true
knowledge of the white is gravity
connecting the lost to be free

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as the vision appears, a ghost at my window
opening to the key, we can be invicible
in less fear, the force of love below
invest in seeds sown, harvesting sorrow
as no tomorrow, today shadows forever
in which we sign, inside the fire
desire burns and seeds bun in heaven
under control, the deep gap; a hollow
portal, I AM IMMORTAL, release again
there is another way, sources inferno
of a lost soul, found in the messiah
cold shivers as heat unthaws the river
ice cold frost, the grave, under thunder
are you awake? can you see it spoken?
into coded synapses, an alghrhythm rhyming
in eternity, time slows for the timing
of molecuar inert, tabula rasa, a child mistaken
from heathens; awaken! slumber at the nation
that follows labelization, labels are rations
to keep us fed, black magic pills
as thew ar begins, a fallacious heresy
destinied above me, in the light, charity
and hope remember, we want to know why?
survive, trhive in an element, cold entity
defeat, forcing oblivion’s gate, false reality

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Thunderbolt in the sky, Zeus’s lightning externalizes

Hades river running depths, illuminate soul’s intelligence

Hands pulling you down into a bottomless pit

Always falling, plummeting away from all the gossip

No words spoken, ignite the source’s genesis

Visions in memory, holding on to an alchemists key

Fire burning redundantly, ocean waves within the sea

Currents spread in seeds, around the tempus free,

Liberty, a voice of reason, beyond the season

Where borders hold back your limit, keep pushing

To pull, how can you break the ice, when your glacier cold

Heart in the myriad, truth shores foretold

Like a diligence of the plentiful

Harvest seeds sown, blooming in the fold

Were lightning scene and thunder boasts

Yet Venus and Aphrodite, love and wisdom

Showering us in the Ares war like given

That the stop, is let go from morality

A condition of sheep, the mirror; nobility

Apollo’s first light, we are made in God’s sight

Copy of an original, Olympus has fallen to might

Chronos caged as Saturn, a dark Tartarus midnight

Yet the unbreakable knot, unstoppable force

Called love, blackholes in the sun

North is cold, yet heat moves birds together

Just like Troy, were all existence was for Helen

Ancient days of Oracles and warriors play

Hercules mortal, strength in the potential

Of using our right to fight rouble

Yet Hermes quick in thought, mercury he is or not

And Hera resides now forming undead plots

As Titans and gods before, sun, planets and dots

All in all, work in the system thought lost

Yet expression of past times, a reflective state sought

As the olden days, grasshoppers golden age

Were the chosen intellectual database

Showing information, recycled from ground base

As wild as Artemis, the all, Pan’s face

In total, the seeds only sprout your grace

Yet singing in last place, the first meek inherited race

Of past generations, hesitation to heal days

In which even the Coven holds to the lakes

Deep caverns of trolls, goblins; hysteria’s face

Lost to oblivion, a dreamless state

Were the ancients relate, a doorway vision

Of golden fates, midas gold, listen

When the old gods extend the rod, the staff

Puts you in the first from last, cast spells, Elysium

Flip the river given, drunk on wisdom

A deep ambrosia of intelligences elixir

Sought by all mixtures, alchemical potions

To harness fire, chained like Premetheus

An eagles daily diet, bruning all sentences

Inner spark, illuminate the dark

Forward starting fabricating the art

Of dreams forgotten long tiem b egots

And rust withers all but gold

So be in flux, a malleable steel mold

Silent, calm waters, focus, bend the soul

To your own potential, this is law

Coherence on all levels, underwill loves’ clause

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Thyne will betwixt

golden alchemy, fuse reality
end with fatality; totality
a universe in a bubble; holy
trinity, negative dependancy
on unequal scales, balancing; we’re free
liberty; ascension’s new diety
wisdom; a gift, due realization
soul’s transmigration; a new sensation
aligning beginnings; a new design
a jewel within the lotus, without crime
victim or blame; patience a virtues vine
a path, narrow way, growing around signs
without desire, how can one heal? sublime
how health is deovid of suffering, lines
silver thoughts, golden soul, movement total
into the all-seeing whole; rest yourself
to thyne will alone consent, betwixt self
be concious of your word’s ripple; doppler
singing in waves; music beyond the grave
a way out; within, forgiveness of sin
into a plethora seeding past whims
collective hive, worker’s are commiting
to follow the herd, conform like cowards
watch the puzzle, bring communication
a tapestry weaving the pieces fit
into the result of oneness; prophets
apolcalypse; Apollo’s lypse, words byss
into reforming genesis, rewind
geographical monuments, old times
the area was the outlet; framework
in different areas, new quarks
arranging lights rudiements, composites
to primes, all without naught; reactions it!

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