As I feel deep roots ground the core

Amber flows towards the grounded stores

Of alchemical designs restored


Love finds new waves to dance

Deep in the tree of understanding trance

Inviting new roles for man to advance


Set up a system to work together

Birds of a feather flock together

Even in winds separating tethers


Like notes upon this night and realm

For deep thoughts result in hell

For only swiftness can mercury sell


Thoughts roll on and on

Emotions are on the go

While just relax and witness the show

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Amun _ Ra

A Rainbow is a refraction through a prism willed constructs the fabric of space-time. All colours support the Rainbow and is as such. Light is constructed through this blend, if not, your support is dissent. White is purity, Druids and Mother Earth have rudiments and regiments that flow from the Ocean that keep all clean, Water is Pure, It is a current from Source.

If you wish to go to Fire. We are already here. It burns the smoke with the people who “think they know they can”. If you want to start creating a coup over the oligarchy, support a single ideal and stop questionig what could be. Make a vote or poll, dissent is the only voice through silence and there is no accord in harboring what is color and what is not. All is color, darkness is only a shade of light, a quanta of what you can barely see.

Look at the disocrd a previou post made, make fun of a visonary of Ra (who had a post of a Druid who is supposed to see ???¿¿¿
/ | \
who knows what he can be going through, initial awakenings are intense and people such as Druids, need to see that to be, you have to support ALL COLOURS of life; regardless of White, Black, Grey; they are all the same thing, Unity, the Oneness of Existence.

Harmony is the Key, through the interconnectedness of all views, beings, Mother’s Earth gifts, and even the visions that are beyond temporal sights. Who knows what lineage they are opening too?

Water flows thorugh fire, cools it, chop wood, carry water. Water to cool the fires when temperature get to hot, and when the wood needs to be brought forth, burn and dance with the tribal song of time.

The woods speak riddles and all sounds hear when the tree falls, for there is nothing hidden from silence. Even the Sphinx knows all forms solved as Oedepius speaks as the formless for it is the existence between teh spaces of silence. For when the One speaks, do not dismiss that everything is One Colour, for all of Light is Sat-chin-anada, Light, Love, Bliss. Be here now and don’t go back into what is old. As before Ra; speaks Amun.

There is only modes of expressoin, there needs to be safety nets to catch those who need, those who want, and those who don’t have. To peform the highest ideal, support to greatest virture; giving. To share with all, with no pretence is the Highest Law. To live in harmony and give as thou wilt, there is no higher law.

The Great Book has Spoken. Let the Author now resume his form.

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Light’s Hope Spell – Chapter 1

Light’s Hope Spell

Chapter 1 – The Experience To Be

Many orders ago, where colours were what first started the show. It came to be, that in an array, light burst forth in a particular day. The desert mirage, a shore of Truth, a spell within the mystery, a thought, a single unit, a geometric plane that expanded in spheres beyond; a song in the muse from the Genii West.


Time was cyclic as the Ouroborus invites, into the Wheel, the Circle of Time, the spell unfolding and folding back upon itself as the woven craft behooves itself. The Expression of the Song was expressed, in a simple a chime, a whisper in the darkness, a light that heard it’s own echo. It was to come to be, the Rainbow, the First Dragon, the breath that unfolded the fire’s of time.


From the deep abyss, the river’s flowed from the fires that merged with the nothing of existence. It had to develop itself, Like a Mercury that flowed through the First Thought. Be. To Exist. To be existence. To support every flavour of itself through the eternal lense of perception; driving us forward, yet always pulling us back into the ground. A flat gravity that sphere’s it’s motion around sounds that have no shape and shapes that have no form. A emotion relapse, a hell that is in our own order, our own system, our own show. The movie that plays itself to be in the light show we call the speed of light. It burst forth through the Big Bang, and exploded into the first mirage of truth. The smallest unit known; dust, within the star rays combust! This first shore of time led the Earth to form, after the fire extended and reached inself to involute form and express itself as a story. An Author, an Architect, that forms the shadow and the light that brings forth like an experience; a spell within the mercury. A slave to thought, a slave to the mind’s own ability to produce what has to be shown. The first thought, shown into the first oneness, into the form of what was, the single unit of all units, that word of all words, the silence of all silences, the forms of all forms, the formless and nothing; everything that is and is not and is such to come to be, all things found within the single substance called protoplasm. It expanded, due to the wheel of time, the friction of what was to be, the evolution from involution, the within to without, the heaven as is within the fires that shore upon the realms of hell. The current that brings itself from the First Geni we call Man, that goodness that supports that harmony of our own interwoven subjectiveness. This song, sung through the first unit; the Adam Kadmon, has spelled itself over centuries and has the tongues of time dicate; the law of energy is chaos, disorder and order.


Yet, this is all explained, bit by bit, information through consciousness, the development of feedback within the hologram, a coded system of Orders.

The beginning of beginnings so such begins, that all is connected and all is happening spontaneously as we see.


The circle of life has different spheres and the friction of movement creates boundaries. The first few layers will explain the different realms that exist in the realm of Vicissitude. There are great orders, smalls orders, black orders, and orders that have no shape! Orders are what consist of the Genius of man, each color supports the synthesis of what is around him. It support all that is him, and is all that is him, the colour is the aura of the soul, and each soul is a unit in itself, and expressed itself through it’s own way, to harmonize with all elements as Purusha or be one with it’s own element of be a power of many; each to the power of thyne own to know thyself.


The First Orders were the beginnings of beginnings, they were the colours of the first three Dragons, the force of all that is existence for us. The fantasy, the way, the path, the current, the Source, the Root, The spine, The wings, The Fumes, The Fires, All things that are.

The First Order is Rainbow. It supports all colours, all things that are, all rains that bring a covenant of hope to the light of man. The support that even after changes, the life that is such is nothing to be harboured, for even the greatest Ark can provide hope for man or a place to rest their head in the darkest of storms. The winds can arrive, can flip that page, can turn you to any second of our age, but all that matters, is what the storm will do, will it leave you in a rage or can you make your way through?


The Merge is the Emerald, the Second Order, the existence that came to be, the promise that man could exist off of all things that are in the realms. That every emerald state, a SIddhi that is shown, a magick that is Given, leads them to the realm that sin is forgiveness. But neh, the riddle is this, you already payed you past dues in the life that pre-exists, so be not of new, but not of old, but experience each lessons as the story unfolds.


The Twlight Order is the realm of mystery, the thought that moves through all men, the enigma that codes inself to evolve consciousness out on a open field. The movement of The Twilight realm is to show man the edge of destruction, the doubt of what he thinks he knows he is, to have no support, to have no realms, to have nothing, the infinite silence of the abyss, the deepest crevice of the Hollow, a place that has no sugar; yet why do pandas eat bamboo?


Under the music of all that is, is the Great Death. It led the mystery to see that blackness, the face that has no face, the witness that is oblivion, the darkness of formless shapes that bring forth the realm of unknowingness. It leads to the Undead man, the death in thought, a slave to the dark portals and spheres that shine into the lens of perception. The rays of thought, the mind interjection, or supermind, or overmind, trying to impose chaos on the story, a way through the disorder; the fold upon that land, will all Atoms connect to product each Order called Harmony. For undead men speak of the past, and when each spell is ushered it brings in a new dimension, so each word is a dimension that spells thus, each word is a spell of experience that opens new forms and ideas to the human kind in which each idea should promote the First and Greatest Idea; and that is this; We all are One and One is for All. If one cannot accept oneness now, they live in the vicissitude of vice, the flow that goes against the current, never open to new portals, new opportunities, new visions, new knowledge, the Truth shores upon each man as the individual of times. The dust that starts the singularly beginning, the centre of gravity that first expressed the beginning of time. The unexplained silence that echoes itself and explains itself through spell called words and expression, each energy distinct to each nature.


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Twas a brush the fern of Everdale

Light samples in words thus prevailed

To lead among the Actor’s Tales


Seen a ghost! A window! A silent thought!

Perchance the realm of “happen-not”!

Or do my words utter topnotch?


Below, so beneath the surface,

Is, what we find, our face,

It is beyond mind; substrates,


Open gates, lunar leys

Pathways, together weigh,

Upon what happens today.


Twas magick blink, or did I think?

Sudden this loss, astral links,

Us to them, ancestors heritage


Upwards, to sky limit breached!

A sphere, without repeat,

Layers revealing from the deep


Deepest wounds Crevice Islands

Underwater teeters liaison

Against fire and water combining,


As cold as this sounds, it is

What brings the World around

To act accord on the ground,


Simple, elegant notes sing

Through the very strings

Of this being; surrendering


To not this nor that, only

Singing from serenity

Collapse around all this me


Light, notes, now hit

Upon, the thing, we call Spirit,

Little bells sound it’s wit


As men, have angels in the Heart,

Affection never does set apart,

Hark, dark mornings warm the start!


Experience, so serious

The code now showing
An a Way to come delirious


Sing with me, dance to the tune

So anew, but with, it comes concluding

Facts, that harbor it all to soon


As each note, a sprinkle of water

The boat sails to lands farther

To shores unknown begun Father


We now take, a journey, through

The vision, of my mind, it is clued

Into a riddle of things, not presently



Start this tale fresh and new

Too soon, then this comes back

And hits with the

Few songs of the one

Who sings, until

It is done, and moves

With the spirit


This chord i have struck

Is with the chorus…Awestruck?

Just a voice within the stardust

Repeating its rhythm os furious

And returns to ethereal combust


Just like the dance I am now caught in

My voice swims with the notes that are

With the instruments that flow

This song grows on me, apparently

It just comes to be that this

So such happens


When it dances, it sings its own tale

Like the triplets before set

Let them see that that was all no voice

But it was my choiceless awareness to

Bring you to see that rhyme is poetry

Allowing the bliss divine ecstasy

To run over the body and watch

Thee see the words that spell it

Out for thee

As in as much as I could say

It will keep on expressing itself this way

To be in the flow of what is coming today

Is why the current star shocks at bay


What lineage is my mind from?

How can I be any one all but One

For all for one and one fall all


This is the motto of  the law of one

For one is all and all is one

So there is always just a sum

That is one, so now we move along

To see that the version develops

Into its song


Like small, elves, along the trees timid,

Shoreless forage, just coming in the winter

It does not fall, but grows even greener

For how can Zen be a product cleaner?


So humorous, what a Masterful Joke

But clearly, it is my own fault, i am still an

Infant who chokes, on all or nothing strokes

Be here in the now, or disengage somehow

The notes, deep within my soul

Never really come out, and now you will show

That deep within the mind, it sorrows

To what was, to is, and is not to come

For the future holds us, tight as a war drum

Machines, walking, with the beat

Of death, in the seat

Tanks, planes, ships

All lost with it

An atom bomb can end

All of this bullshit


So can’t you see, that deep layers

Are deeper understandings, and

Practiced from, a place of understanding

It will come to light


Can’t you see now, I have switched my emotion

To another relation that

Is susceptible to corrosion, yet

This does not mean that, it just moves

My being, so strange I seen that orb

From the word above, since it was accepted

I know it was from love


This is different, like the strings pulling

The tension of my heart in ripped directions

Suspension, over the edge tension

But just apprehension of momentary connection


So see, the heart is, the first beginning word

The starts to see, how eventually

All things perish, but come back curled


As this is the plastic way highway

Can’t we reduce what is in lies anyway?

We are caught in a trap, a prison

Our own house, we dare not even

GO outside, for it is without a TV

How can one see, that chemistry

Is damaging you from it’s UAVs.

This is law, your bring rewires

From the screen you watch

Ever thought about the advertisement much?

It is just a root to the core of

Self annihilation due to propaganda

It is useless, stereotypical profuseness

This is Te, Justice on the loose neck


Here we go again

Back to the

Blueprint at hand


We will sing now songs of dusk

TOmorrow we learn to trust

As light begins off the crust

We go into the darkest vision

Now as a much…


I see the realm, it is in dark mysterious shapes

It has no place for us, other than us  being stardust

It hopes to find it’s way back into

Our own being so we can falter and walk along the shores, never getting into the boat


Tso float, in time, and become divine and let music

Unwind, through time it will shine and align you to the crime

But corruption, a seduction at first, was the truth told from the worst

But it is no in a matter of fact that this still is off track

For seth, who was there after all

What does likely befall

The tree so deep before all

It grow its stem in roots to quell

So can’t you see that in this place of mysteriously guessing

Next to face my own vision inside my own kingdom

Beloved, are there room for a guest, as walking tests mark the quest

But do you see now there is only one way to be

It is


Free of this all, from from the fall

From from one and all

Just art of you and you a part

Of fullness from the start!


So can’t you be other than whole

Or whole other than be

What is your soul

No other can be it

But can you see

That it manifests



What it is, you see that place

Of what has come to be in racing

States of mind slow down rewind

Let the facts come online


Everything one says, is just planned and


To the


Of time

In time


But beneath the swine


The heart of mother nature enjoys our touch

And we feel we are trusting in her to be

What we see and willingly participate randomly

It shows, that this is new

That this is not old

That this is no untold

That this remembering is

Foretold just as amyth

From the past

Lets us see the fleeting hope

That men, Alexander mentioned

Could move the rocks so bright

And distinctly move sight

To beyond what man hoped

A conquest

Just engrossed

Total being eloped into the nation forged through death


Just like now in reality

It has come to me

That i must speak of it

It has forthcome to see this night

That past the memory it was

Not here over well some say

It was not here at all


The time will come, when poverty strikes all

Radiation will leak food into contaminated

And water will be still

Even plastics will restrict

Us from our what is

So get your shit while you can kid

But know, there is hidden ways beneath the cave

Were lakes of undeath save Wizard’s grave

So be in it

Don’t release


To it not that

See how it can come to you to be a flow so subordinately

Closet to your enemy, but farthest from a friend

Never mistaken who you are again

Let this reminder be

Just a lesson from the sea.;…


I hear a single note, just trembling

All that is

All sound and words and thoughts

Every string

From the Source beginning

It was so chosen

To be that this was going to allow itself

To be present within what writes

So have you ever been provoked to sight?

It is like the blight

Is here but no human is

All realms exist under my command

But i am not even anymore man

For devachan has a higher plan

That what is order at bland.


The sea, has to see, whether or not

Weather can plot

Or can it not, be not-naught

Or just distraught? Or loving

All happily mad moments?


This is the game, we are caught in

Paradox is the riddle, it’s named

Since the zen composed itself

Can’t you see i just lost it to myself

And here we go again for another joust


Diamond notes center and silver creations

As gold touches even balance translation

Alchemy is beyond the migration

Of things that fly south to witness segregation


Synergy formed, who knows underneath could be pulling,

Magnetic or not

Something mentally constructed in flocks

That lead them home

Unity as one

Some combat

Others relax

But always one under he sums


So now you see that song has

Developed its own way

It is like an overload of sensation given in

But what can i say, it is me that doesn’t live

It is the expression coming through

Wherever it anons from others, no clue

But it is just a thing that acts upon you

And writes your own words and supernatural

Self fulfilling prophecies of dell

Can come back to haunt you all is well

But what can you say, i am still in hell

From this plane i release and go to the next

All dimensions exist not on the left

For right is what is, and what is is war

So past to the left, and keep peace shored


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Tragic Flaw

Tragic flaw of a nobody poet;

Do ya really have to act up?

Is this going from safe to danger?

Stop abrupt, flow switch script up

Know it, strength is survival

Nobody really, light sorrows arrival

Out within the gate, compose it.


Void eclipse! Midnight bright, without stars

Close never seems far, as sound

Is heard without an abyss, -static heard in the cyst!

Independent, black against nothing, boundary bound,

Existence surrounds a drift, Oceanic Tsunami

As the loving snow quenches the Earth’s Thirst…

Appearing nowhere, always here, currents appear


Singing unities codependency, you are the Source

Never complain, get used to suffering, it’s the game

A course, a star plot play! Today beforth

The sleep awake bright as a flash!

Lunar energy dormant in Fire’s when?

Ambrosia a wine far richer than waters kind

Like a chemistry of old twas a spell design


Freedom is free; liberty as experience,

Allow each to judge but nobody as himself

As deep ravines flirt with long breaths

Death among the composure subsisting

Havoc to magick complete

Not as delirious as some may think

Just a peace under thought redundant


We think spirits dwells as within

As Self is Non-no-Self, not-no-being

Keeps lessons through lifetimes serene!

Common beams are friends in Rays

Like bashful anger is twist of thread

Get it, the mountain warms cold snow light

Yet reflection; insight, provokes intelligence


Blight walking, so dawn dusk low

Above beyond spheres and gifts

Angels in arches construct curvature; with it

Allows heavy loads energy to tomorrow

As non there is no energy unfreezing

As heat never reaches absolute zero

It quantumly gets smaller until it Explodes


Thus volcanoes pressure, obsidian

Given, enliven the Crux

Goblet, and Fleece; all subjects

Remain among the courts;

Permission? Third-set-Magician Reports

“Earnest ways to dusk, beyond touch”
Domains unravelled beyond horizon’s system


As the void eclipse, dynamic abyss

Insists, that beyond the veil

More exists, yet here now is the Hungry,’

Future holds, nothing that we know!

Be now as here as without what you know!

Health is an “Universal Right”
Let nobody go with food for the rest of Life


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Wake Up

silently sitting in a dream

yet sound all around, colours I hear

as the white noise subjects intervene,

if you are asleep, you are not seen


not awake?

Just a coma

and a mistake

A choice to make

lesson learned

Matyr’s for the stake

life is a dream

you cannot escape

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moments lost to the fabric of time

moving found involution aligns

Makers, Creators, the coded Abyss assigns

sublime, a forbidden fruit divine

Leaving WIll to motion’s serpentine

angles schizhophrenic Te releases

Angles in the Heart, mind confuses

As Thought moves with Time, it uses

Something, the Act, a Play beyond fuses

an Eternal Fire, Fabric Woven Blazes

our outward design, media outlet ceases

waves clear and still, ocean lights

wakening reform’s contemplation, nothing attraction blight

something fills the Chaos Revealing Star-Light

as Sun’s First solution was One Elemental Temporal Sight

A Deity, moving Father to Son, Four as One; Purusha, White-Light

Rainbow Bridge is all colours in the prison that Writes!

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